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I recently had VATS lobectomy of right upper and middle wedge lung. It has been 6 weeks, I am healed but I have this nagging cough that won't go away.. I get out of breath easily and I am wondering about how long it takes before I am back to normal... it's taking a long time... I am having trouble with my asthma as well. I go for walks everyday to build my stamina but get out of breath easily, I was a smoker before I was diagonised with lung cancer, is the recovery process longer because of this... frustrated...


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    Hello, Give yourself time to heal, this is a major surgery even if it is vats. I was back too work after 1 month, but was slow to get my stamina back, a good 6 months. I was a 35 year smoker until my 1st cancer in 09, and am cured from that. I had vats on 9-23-10 and so far so good. I had the lower right lobe removed. Just take one day at a time, and do your breathing exercises and walking like you are. Coughing is your bodies way of cleaning up the mess in the lungs. Drink lots of water. I wish you well. Lori
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    Hi aspeed,
    There is very little I can add to what Lori said except to suggest you ask your doc for an Rx for Tessalon Perls if the cough is as troublesome as it sounds. The following is a link to some really great breathing exercises on YouTube. The instructor has several good vids there. Maybe they will help. And no that status does not make it harder to recover.