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Lost and Forgotten

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Have you ever been so long in the exam room at the Dr.'s office, so long (like 2 hours) freezing in the overly air conditioned room (wearing long pants and long sleeves even) that you finally came out (well came out several times, looking to see if people were still there, and yes the one that put us in the room saw me each time)that you came out found someone at a desk and asked if you had been forgotten?
And then found out you WERE forgotten? LMAO, that was one long wait at Stanford today, computer mess up. But, did get a coupon for free parking and 15.00 worth of food for the next time I go there and they brought me a blanket. LMAO, it was very lonely for a very long time!!!
Winter Marie

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Hasn't happened to me in the exam room. I go infrequently to the doctor and the first visit to my current doctor, I waited about 3 hours in the waiting room. There were a couple of people there when I got there and then the room filled up. I was the last one to leave. Fortunately, it wasn't a picture of things to come on subsequent visits.

I've learned to take a long sleeved shirt or jacket when hubby goes to some of his doctors though. Maybe they hope if you're not sick when you get there, they can make you sick.



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at least you got the food voucher.

wasted time with cancer. i spent all day yesterday unable to move my legs.

i never had an angio ct before. be still for 4 hours or else. I was lucky i got some sleep.

how can you feel lonely when you got so many friends here.



ps now will you at least buy an organic apple with the food voucher ? only joking

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oh Winter Marie....I am sorry you got frozen out and forgotten......you poo thing,

I admire your spunk girl. and your sense of humour......

okay computer stop telling me how to spell humour/humor


Cathleen Mary
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Yes, I have had the experience of being 'lost and forgotten". Your story brought it all back and now I can laugh. In fact, it happened to me 2x. I waited in an exam room for an hour and a half ( pre-cancer) got dressed, walked out, and changed doctors. The second time, I was an inpatient and left on a gurney in a dark, empty holding area following a scan. My floor nurse came down to give me meds and when they said I wasn't there she started looking! ugh!
It's the little things.....
Cathleen Mary

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You have far more patience than I do...I think an hour would be my limit...lol.

Of course it was a computer glitch...lol...that way no person has to take responsibility!

Glad that they at least offered you some comp for the extra time. Perhaps if you have to return to that office you should ask for a blanket right off and take a sign for the door saying..."I am still here!"...lol

Sorry that you had the long wait but thank you for sharing your humor about the situation.


Marie who loves kitties

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adding insult to injury. Dan

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when we went to ohio state university the 2nd time, we were advised we could have a 3 hr wait to see the onc. standard procedure. it turned out to be a 5hr wait due to being behind sched & a broken water pipe which resulted in no air conditioning for 1/2 of the exam rooms. it was 102 outside but the part we were in was freezing! what a long day!

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