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Flu shot anyone?

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I have had a rough year with shingles, bacterial intestinal infection and infected cat bite. Just went and got my flu shot, because, I hate to admit this (lol), I think I might be immunocompromised. Katherine went and got hers to at Walgreens. Danny is next.

My infectious disease physician friend says that he thinks the flu shots makes your immune system "smarter" and the more flu shots, the more able your immune system can become at recognizing and fighting flu viruses. That's good enough for me.

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My oncologist okayed my getting a flu shot; my school requires that I get them. Since I work in a nursing home with a lot of people with upper respiratory problems, and because some of our dementia patients can't cover a cough, it's a good idea. I'm glad you're getting one because all of our bodies have been through a lot of turmoil with chemo and I think we need all the help we can get.

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Hopefully, the last time I got the flu was the last time I'll have had it. It was ghastly! I work in a clinic, hubby worked at an elementary school - we needed protection.

Whooping cough is very prevalent in our area right now, I'm thinking about a Tdap if I' m due for a tetanus. I hate being sick. Funny, huh...


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Have any immunizations while I'm on chemo....uggg...hubby is getting the shingles vaccine, flu shot and pneumonia shot his next PC appointment....hopefully I'll skate for the flu this year...I was lucky last year, too....just have to be really careful...

Hugs, Nancy

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Bella Luna
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I got my flu shot this past Wednesday at Rite Aid! It was quick and easy. I have been getting the shot for the past 3 years. My doctors recommended I get the shot when I first underwent chemo treatment. When I get the bug, it seems to linger in my body for longer. I am hoping the shot will protect me from any more bugs that might be lurking about.

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Got mine yesterday. Diana

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...when I picked up my first bottle of Tamoxifen this past Monday, but figured I better alert my M.O. first.

On May 10th of this year, I came down with the worst flu in a decade.
On April 5th, my routine mammo found the cancer.
This has been some kind of year...and I am not trying to repeat it.

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Dear Attygirl,

Hormonal therapy drugs do not suppress the immune system. Tamoxifen is in that category of drugs. The flu shot would be ok. Do as your doctor of course.

I have had a flu shot for years since I am at the age when one should. I do take an immune suppressing drug for another medical condition and my oncologist approved the shot. I also take hormonal therapy drug and have taken them for 17 1/2 years.

Best to you and with high hopes of a great year to come.


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This is good to hear.

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in 2092 - 03 season, got the worst flu. Haven't had a flu shot or the flu since. My immune system is also compromised but I am so worried about getting something again from the shots.

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I never got one before. I was always afraid of them for some reason. But, I will ask the breast surgeon when I see him this Tuesday what he thinks. I'll have to rethink everything I do from now on!

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Jean 0609
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Yes, I have to go get mine too. I've been dragging Tom along with me the last few years. We get our shot and then go to lunch.


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I don't want to get sick like I did 3 years ago. I think it was 3 years ago..I actually got the swine flu! I was never so sick in my life! My immune system is compromised because of diabetes so I've been getting the shot for sometime now. I can't remember if I had gotten it that year though. My docs hit me up with the pneumonia shot last month. I am armed and ready for the flu season. Let's hope this stuff works!

Lynn Smith
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I won't be getting the flu shot.Years ago when they were giving the Swine Flu shot my doctor insisted I get one. I had surgery and my immune system was down.All was fine till almost 24 houros later I fell and couldnt walk.Crawled to the phone and called my doctor.I mentioned to him about the shot.He says no way will the shot do that.Not long after that it came out people were getting Guillane Bruirre Syndrome.Since my doctor ignored me I had to fight it myself.Barely able to get into or out of a chair.Walking was also hard but I MADE myself walk.I wouldn't stop.It passed in time then I heard there were reactions. Some died.

Years later my husband begged me to get a flu shot.I told him go ahead.It's not for me.We were at the store.He got one.After shopping he was driving around and 3 times missed a place we always turn. I was getting so upset with him."Why don't you make that turn".Then it happened again and again.We got home and he said he was tired.Went to bed.Woke up exactly 8 hours later.Chest pain.He had a heart attack.Not to say that caused it but he never had a flu shot for years till that year.This year the VA encouraged him to get the flu shot and he did fine.Very puzzling.I don't know if the heart attack was brewing and the shot brought it on.We'll never know.

I just can't take the risk and my doctor never mentions it.I am now getting over bronchitis after my grandson came over sick(coughing). I make every effort to stay away from those who are sick in stores and family members.This is the first time in over 5 years I've been this sick. Grandson called to come over today but I'm not up to par yet.Funny my husband can have a cold and he doesnt pass it to me.Kids are carriers of everthing once school starts.

MsGabby. Not sure about your area now but this year many of our fairs had people coming down with the Swine Flu.Our county missed it but counties all around had cases with pigs and people down with Swine Flu. Something else to worry about just going to the Fair. We missed the fair this year.Happy we did.

Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith

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The Swine Flu shots given in 1976 were indeed VERY nasty! Lost a friend, and some others I knew, to it and several had life long effects from it. I had no choice about getting it - was A/D at the time - Hubby also had to have it as he was also A/D and he had no S/E's from it either. Some certainly did. It was scary as they had what looked like ambulance on the base lined up at the theatre Y had never seen that before when we had to go for various shots - there were quite a few who were taken straight to the hospital (including my friend who was helio'd out within and hr).

2009 I did not have Flu Shot as was in Chemo then and Chemo Dr said No but have since then. Will be getting this years the first week of Oct when VA has their Shot Clinic at TREA.

Another thought about vaccines - not all will 'work' with all people so never assume that any of them will for you. I learned this the hard way - both of my Sons had had their MMRs and an extra booster because there was an outbreak on the other side of WA. We were in SW FL in 1991 while Hubby was deployed and younger Son was exposed to 'Hard' Measles while at a 'well kid' appt. Long story shorter - both got measles (older Son was not expected to live) - even after several MMR's since they still have no immunity to Mumps according to titres. Yes I believe in getting vaccines but getting them is not a guarantee.

Winyan - The Power Within


Frankie Shannon
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I get my flu shot every year.
Hugs Frankie

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I've had a flu shot every year for many years. I even had one during chemo last year at the recommendation of my oncol. I've never had a reaction to the shot and other than nasty colds and pneumonia in Jan. (none of which were caused by the flu), I have not had the flu. I just wish I knew what other immunizations I should get to get up to date. Whooping cough is going around like crazy here.

I wish you all well!

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Karen, I had the flu once back in about 1986. I was so ill that I probably should have been hospitalized. I had dragged myself to the doc when I started with the fever and sore throat. Strep test negative and doc said it was probably the flu.

I don't think I ate for at least a week and I could barely sip fluids because my throat hurt so badly. I remember it being hard to swallow my own spit. High fever and terrible headaches. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

I've never had a problem with the flu shot either. And I just don't know how I would tolerate another flu virus (like the one I had in my thirties) today. It scares me to even think about it.

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My oncologist insists upon it. My father (retired scientist) used to make me do it too. The one year I didn't do it I got the flu. It was absolutely awful. I never want to have to deal with that again so I am happy to take the flu shot if it will help my odds of not getting it.


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since I was diagnosed. The doctor recommended it.

Thanks for this info. I should be getting mine in the next 2 weeks.



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Iam required to get it every year unlessI have a good excuse. I did receive both the swine flu and regular flu vaccine during chemo. It was advised.

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I got my first flu shot in 2010, when I was not quite a year out of treatment, so made a point of asking my oncologist first, and he strongly encouraged it. I've had one every year since. I feel a little tired for maybe a day or 2 afterwards, and get a little bit of a scratchy throat, which my oncologist's nurse said was common, but it's all very minor.

Last winter, a nasty flu went around my office -- everyone dropping like flies -- and I never got sick. Impossible to really know if it was the flu shot or not, but I'm willing to make that bet.

My big issue is that I just can't let some random person trained to give flu shots stick a needle in me, so I never get mine just at a drugstore. I'm sure I'm being irrational, but it just gives me the oogies. Thankfully, I have a CVS near me with a Minute Clinic, staffed by nurse practitioners. Someone with "nurse" in their name is welcome to stick a needle in me! :-) The entire visit takes only a few minutes, and my insurance covers the entire cost. Well worth the time to me.


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They are serious about getting the shot this year for some reason more so than in the past. I got the shot yesterday.


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I get my flu shot every year for work. If I don't I have to wear a mask when I am with patients. My husband has asthma and probably should but he doesn't because he is an engineer and doesn't feel he needs it. (He isn't around too many people. There are only a dozen or so at his company.) He did get the flu shot when I was getting ready to start chemo and I don't think there were any ill effects.
In any case, I think we are equally healthy during flu season.

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