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endometrial thickening

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I have been to my gyn and have 25 mm thick endometrium and also have fibroids. I am 53 yrs and scared it might be cancer. I am going for a biopsy on the 4th of Oct. My gyn thinks it might be hyperplasia. Is this always cancer. I believe I am just entering menapause.

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I don't know the answer, but just hold on, dear, someone will be by to answer your question! I do know that fibroids, menapause, hormones, even inflamation can cause all kinds of troubles, but not all of them are cancer! Just calm down and breathe and some one will answer soon. Best, debrajo

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Carol, I had this thickening found via vaginal ultrasound. Doc wasn't worried in the least but wanted to do D&C to scrape the lining and clear the thickness. FYI I was pre-menopausal, too.

D&C confirmed fibroid cysts which at that point was a concern to my OB. After pathology came back it was noted to be cancer. Next step was hysterectomy.

What I can tell you, just because you have the thickening of endo and fibroids that DOES NOT IN ANY WAY PRECUR IT'S CANCER. These 2 alone can mean no cancer.

Try to not get too far ahead of yourself and come back here to post how you're doing.


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I know exactly how you are feeling and how the C word is the first thing that pops in our heads BUT I have a friend who just had exactly what you have - she is 49 and she had a hysterectomy and everything was benign. So TRY not to worry - easier said than done - we all know that BUT if it is cancer you will get through that too. Somehow you find the strength you never knew you had - and you do it one day at a time.
Someone here said cancer is a word - not a sentence. I remind myself of that every day.
Hugs from Toronto


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