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Disaster, Chemotherapy and surgery error or what !

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When she felt that there is something frozen in the breast
We took a sample of the breast by a needle
The results of pathological analysis:
Grayish white tissue core 1 cm long, with brown tissue fragments 0.2 * 0.2cm, totally submitted

Sections examined revealed minimally represented tiny fragment involved with cords and groups of ductal cells with malignant cytomorphology,focally crushed displaying moderate anaplasia and eliciting stromal desmoplastic reaction. fragments with fibrosis and non specific inflammatory cell response together with expanded ducts by hyperplastic . focally atypical cells were also seen.
minimally represented tiny fragment of invasive Duct carcinoma G2, associated with fibrosis AND non specific inflammation. "

And she began to receive three doses of chemotherapy "FEC"

Now, after taking three doses of chemotherapy "FEC"
I thought of taking a slice of the sample analyzed in the laboratory pathologic
And fabricators in pathologic last lab to make sure very sample result (I do not know why I felt skeptical to do so)

*The surprise was the disaster
The result was:
"One broken slide labeled as 57 and by name

Examination of the slides received revealed fiberofatty tissue with foci showing adenosis, dilated ducts with hyperplastic lining.
No malignancy.

Referred slide of breast lesion, ADENOSIS, DUCTAL HYPERPLASIA."

It's the same chip for the same sample
The result is different in each laboratory analyzes
I am now going to die of madness and doubt
I want I know is there then cancer or not
Or is this the fault of the lab or what

answer me please !!!!!!

This is the result of a mammogram:
Mammographic examination of both breast (CC,&MLO&Axillary views Revealed ) :
• Grade 1 density of both breast parenchyma(both breast parenchyma is almost entirely fatty)
Right breast
Right breast barechyma shows focal assymetry at 10 o`clock in form of partially circumscribed mass with irregular outline measures about 1.2 x 2.0 cm ,showing foci of macrocalcification ,with associated surrounding architectural distortion.
• Thickened skin overlying the forementioned mass of periareolar region .
• No evidence of nipple retraction.
• Multiple enlarged right axillary lymph nodes shows high density pattern.
Left breaast
• Normal skin layer.
• Normal radiological appearance of breast parenchyma .No evidence of spiculated lesions or architectural distortion.
• No malignant microcalcification.
• Intact nipple areola complex
• Left axillary lymph nodes show faint benign density pattern.

Right BREAST : .
• Mammary tissue of right breast at 10 oclock about 2 cm from nipple shows one partially circumscribed hypoechoic mass of non homogenous coarse echopattern and shaggy irregular outline , noted measures 1.5x2.2cm in longtudinal, &AP diameters repectively (prevelance of AP diameter with respect to horizontal diameter) and shows foci of microcalcification . A long dilated duct appreciated extending from nipple and leading to the forementioned lesion.
• The reported masses is non tender to sonographic palpation and causes distortion of surrounding mammary tissue architecture .
• No Nipple retraction noted.
• Using color flow sonography shows tumoral and peritumoral hypervascularity.
• Multiple right axillary lymphadenopathy largest measure 1. 6x0. 7 cm .
• Normal sonographic appearance of skin and mammay tissue of left breast , no cystic or solid masses noted
• Nomalignant microcalcification noted.
• No nipple retraction.
• Normal vascularity of left breast.
left axillary lymph node display reactionary sonographic pattern.. IMPRSSION :

waiting for replay please...............

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I am not for sure what to say. I do know that you can take your path sample and have it tested elsewhere, which is probably what I would do. I'd want a 2nd opinion to find out what is going on.

Sorry this happened and good luck,


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Double Whammy
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Did you have surgery? It sounds from your post that the only pathology is of the tissue removed by needle biopsy. Isn't there a surgical specimen from lumpectomy or mastectomy? Or was the chemo neoadjuvunct therapy (done prior to surgery in an attempt to shrink the tumor so a lumpectomy can be performed)?

It is entirely possible that the first piece they looked at had cancer present and the second didn't. They were different parts of the tissue removed. And you can get another opinion/read. I'd have someone look at the first slides - oh, they were broken, right?

What does the oncologist have to say about all of this?

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I would like to clarify that the pathology is the same chip slide in 2 laboratory analyzes pathologic
Meaning that the same biopsy taken of the first Pathology Laboratory is taken for a second pathology lab

Is there something like this happened to any of you?
Is it possible to be "ADH" and not breast cancer ?

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ADH, atypical ductal hyperplasia is the cell stage before it becomes a cancer cell. So, yes, it is possible to have ADH without cancer. It is called pre-cancer. ADH only occurs in the milk ducts, as does the cancerous condition called DCIS.

breastcancer.org has very good information on cell progression and DCIS:

normal cell-ductal hyperplasia-atypical ductal hyperplasia-DCIS-DCIS w/microinvasion-invasive ductal cancer (http://www.breastcancer.org/pictures/types/dcis/dcis_range.jsp).

If you go to the informational sections about basics of breast cancer at cancer.org and breastcancer.org, I think you will find some information that will be very easy to understand and to help you learn about pre-cancer and cancer.

You could also call The American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345 and tell them what you are confused about or need explained. The lady I talked to was so nice and helpful. She was the one that actually helped me realize that I had Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome before my doctors did. She couldn't diagnose me, of course, but gave me the cancer.org link to learn about it.
Whoever is in charge of your case should be explaining these things to you.

I had ADH on the sample biopsy. After my lumpectomy, it was confirmed that I had DCIS(cancer in the milk ducts) as well.

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double post

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If I were you, I would sit down with the doctor in charge of your breast cancer case with a list of questions regarding your medical record reports, having them explain the ENTIRE report to you. I would have them go through each and every line. I would bring a witness and ask if you can tape record it perhaps because "you want to make sure you understand everything and may miss something because your head is swimming...."

Frankie Shannon
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Don't know quite what your asking.
Hugs Frankie

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reading between the lines.

Yes, you can have your 'tumor' read/evaluated at more than 1 pathological center/hospital. I had a lumpectomy .. where my tumor was evaluated and staged at hospital where I had my lumpectomy ..

After being told I had breast cancer -- I took my path report, spent 3 days researching
libraries, internet and found myself a Breast cancer specialist -- I made a appointment with him .. liked him, and his approach to breast cancer, so I switched Doctors. My new
Doctor requested that my tumor be sent to his hospital .. where a 2nd path
report was performed. My second path report, resulted in a stage
increase of my breast cancer. I went from stage 0 to stage 1. All other factors
remained the same -- DCIS, Her2 neu. This information is based on my history, my

My suggestion: Find yourself a Breast Cancer Specialist -- take path report, and all
other pertinent information -- medical information, notes etc.

Best of luck,

Vicki Sam

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