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Mags - any new update on Steved?

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Hi Mage, just wondering if there is any update on Steved since his wife posted yesterday morning (Eastern Time)?

Prayers that all is going well.

Marie who loves kitties

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"Hi all thanks for all your lovely messages.today went ok.steve seems quite low
think mostly exhaustion.he has had so many people in to see him and procedures
he just couldnt keep his eyes open this evening.epidural helping phantom limb
pain but eating and sitting out were non starters today but he will give it
another go tomorrow"

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thanks maggie.
I think about him too and am awed and humbled by his decision and strength.

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His decision and strength are superman like.

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"Hi all.steve had sl better today,ate some toast and sat up.managed to look at
his stump for the first time which is quite a psycological breakthrough.physio
has given him a wii for building up his upper body strength which seems like a
fab idea and am sure will entertain sam when he goes in tomorrow.lots of lines
taken out today which has helped"

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Great updates, so in awe of this man. His strength and his spirit.
Fantom pain is the worst, my husband had that when he lost his leg.

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This update is great news. Glad to hear that he is progressing so well that lines can be removed.

I am sure that the mental trauma of losing a limb, even when planned, is very difficult, but knowing Steve as we do here, he will handle it in style and move on to doing what he can to get healthy and strong again.

Thanks for the update Mags!

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Ditto to what others have said. What strength! Keeping you all in my thoughts.

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That's really all I can say about the guy. Just...wow. Ann Alexandria

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For the updates, so proud of Steve, bet he does all the physical therapy that he'll have to do and that in it's self takes a lot will power. I've got to admire the man, he's got so much strength, I think he pulls it in from his loving family.
Winter Marie

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Thanks for the upate Mags. Steved you are our hero!!

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good to hear things are better & on a positive moving forward. you both are very strong people!

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Sounds like he is progressing so much faster than thought he would. Glad he is trying to eat something too. Thanks to his wife for keeping people up on his condition and especially you for passing on the updates. Wishing him a speedy recovery.


Cathleen Mary
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Steve and Kelly,

It is amazing all that you have both been through. I am never sure whether it is harder to be the patient or the one who loves the patient. You both have a lot to adjust to...be gentle with yourselves. We are all rooting for you. Wii sounds like a great idea. You are very much in my mind and heart .

Cathleen Mary

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I'm so happy Steve is progressing so nice. Get your rest so you can build up your strength. Praying the progress keeps going good. Jeff

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Just amazing to hear that Steve is making so much progress in so little time.


I am keeping you and your wonderful family in my thoughts and sending good vibes for a speedy recovery. Have fun with that Wii. Heck, I'm so old I don't even know what a Wii does. LOL



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Gutsy,my thoughts and prayers to the whole family.PAT

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Thanks Mags,

Steve and Kelly,
You continue to be in my prayers. Praying for strength and courage.


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Good news! We are all thinking about Steve and praying for a quick recovery.

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