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PSA 3.6 gleason score 5

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My husband has had a prostatectomy his original PSA was only 3.4 it rose to 3.6 due to his age his GP suggested he have a physical with a urologist,he had 24 biopsies and all had huge amounts of cells in every one. He had a total prostatectomy almost 3 years ago, he was asked to join a salvage group on a clinical trial which he did, his PSA kept rising from day one of having PSA's post-op on the trial once the PSA reached 2 they began radiation, he then had radiation therapy, 35 doses, his PSA dropped to 0.08, one month after, then next month 0.06, last month it was up to 1.8. We have been told that he most probably has bone cancer in the pelvic region as at his original operation the cells were already out of the capsule although they thought they had a good clearance. They have decided to wait for further PSA testing in December and until the PSA is around 10 to 20 before looking at hormone therapy and chemo.
I worry about this has anyone else had this happen. I would appreciate any responses, I am not asking for a quick fix just trying to understand it all and to help my husband.
Our GP upset us by giving a timeframe of 2 to 5 years,once thinking more clearly I guess this way we can get our lives in order and enjoy whatever time even if he is incorrect.
Thank you ahead of time for any answers

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His GP is an ***. An ignorant, arrogant, dangerous ***. I question his ability to provide legitimate advice to your man. Well now, I have that out of my system.

You provide a synopsis of his treatment. More could be helpful. I have no idea who could be suggesting to wait for further treatment until psa reaches double digits. Particularly since someone (who?) thinks there is bone involvement today.
I apologize for bluntness. Regular readers here know that this is out of character for me. Your recitation, though brief, merits an immediate sincere response.

I can give only one piece of advice. He must take himself to the best medical oncologist he can find and afford. His current care is outdated and invites failure and not success.

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Well said, Tarhoosier. Two thumbs up for an excellent, on point and timely post. I hope Jen will take some time to read through several back pages of posts on this PCa forum to gather resources & information necessary to best address her and her husband's current situation, starting with making an appt with a knowledgeable & experienced PCa Oncologist.

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Tar, I have one word for your response "bullseye". The GP is an idiot. I know 5 men who had Gleason score 8 or better and cancer outside the prosate and all have been around for a minimum of 7 years to date and still doing fine. It is not an easy road but nobody can predict how anyone will respond. Just take each day in stride and keep the fight up. Go to one of the best cancer centers in your area and if you need any help locoting one just ask here an someone will help. Sorry for being direct but having cancer has allowed me to do this when it comes to anyone not giving someone hope and courage.

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