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Update after delay of contact

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Hi all,

It's been quite awhile since I sent any updates. Like quite a few that have posted, I don't know what to say, or am reluctant to put it in words--or I don't know; just doesn't seem so bad, compared to what others are going through ----Just had my Rituxan Wednesday, 9/19; I'm currently on maintenance Rituxan, every 8 weeks, for 2 years, after Bendamustine/R ended in Dec. 2011.

I did not have complete remission, though I had major improvement. My last PET/CT, 4 months ago, still showed 1 small tumor area in my abdomen. (that was better than the previous scan). Next scan will be Oct. 1, with Oncologist app't. Oct.4.

I am blessed by the Lord to have had a pretty easy time of the chemo and rituxan---sometimes have trouble sleeping the night after R, due to Prednisone---appetite went crazy this week!!! I want to blame it on the Prednisone, but it could just as easily be eating my emotions!!! (been there, done that before)---

Anyway, overall I am doing well; feeling good, blessed in many ways with family, friends, church, support, etc---and everyone here on this board. I enjoy reading and gaining encouragement from all of you who are so supportive of each other--and share from your hearts your experiences and hopes for everyone.

Lots of luv to each---my thoughts and prayers are with/for you frequently--


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Love to read update's like this!!!!!! keep up the good work! lol Vinny

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Hi Susan,
Really glad that you're doing well with your treatment. As for the appetite lets just blame it on the prednisone lol! I also got the appetite plus the mood swings, it was pretty crazy! Glad I only took it tor a week, I don't think my hubby and kids would have survived hahaha! Take care and sending you a Huge Hug!


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Thanks for the hug and thoughts---response-- Hugs back at you and lol too


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I'm glad you're doing well and back with the group :).
I hope your upcoming scans will show continued improvement.



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