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colonoscopy in the a.m.

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Hey there,
Man it has been an upside down inside out kinda posting as of late. I'm wishing for everyone better and better outcomes. I posted before about this darn issue I've been having with my GI tract...and guessing as I was told after 3 and a half months it's earned me a one way pass for the scope. Love the clean out...never want to drink gateraide again as long as I live ! Mostly just passing water...didn't really want to loose anymore as I've lost another 10lbs, and have been in twice for IV treatments. Well tomorrow should hopefully give me an answer. Wishing you all the best day ever, and will be thinking of you all ! Katie

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tho I know the worst of it is happening tonight....

If it helps at all, I'm getting myself one before the end of the year, just because I've gone 9 years without one, and my dad died of colon cancer....so I'm 4 years late.


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Hi Katie,

Well I am wishing you a best day ever also. Make sure you come clean and don’t hold anything back.

Good luck and smooth sailing.



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preparation is ALL the work. But it's good to be clean inside and out.

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OK, I had to get in on this also.....

Yep, like mentioned...it's all in the prep work.

The best thing about a colonscopy...., you can eat as soon as you get done and released. We usually hit Fred's Market a family style buffett.


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Tonsil Dad
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If you are having a colonoscopy and an endoscopy make sure
they do the endoscopy first because the "taste" is terrible if
it is done the other way round.........lol

Just joking , best of luck on your "probe".

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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but Dan, that Baking Soda/Epsom Salts bath idea you gave out for Neuropathy is working slowly to increase my feelings in my feet and hands. Great idea....and thanks. Problem is, I'm all wrinkled like a Prune. LOL


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I've been putting off having one of those again. I just don't think I currently have the ability to swallow all that pre-procedure junk in a prescribed timely manner. Prior to cancer tx, I recall having to gulp down massive amounts of that Kool-Aid liquid. Now I can sip.....but sure can't gulp anything.


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There is just nothing I can add to this funny post...you all are too much...

Katie....let us know how things come out, uh, wait, never mind, we got that picture already...muhwaaa hahahahahahahahahaha ...


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Hey everyone,
Shoulda known what to expect...and laughter is the best medicine ! So glad I had this procedure done. Biopsies sent off and will be getting results back next week. Did find two sites that as the doc said were suspisous for cancer. But also took tons of tissue samples from top of large to bottom, hopefully good news. More IV given today for dehydration...and do feel better after this ! Thanks for the laughs people, did make for an easier journey with this one. Katie

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Pam M
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Last year, Larry. I'd heard stories about the bucket of liquid you had to drink. I just had to have a couple of 16 oz bottles of inexpensive, over-the-counter stuff.

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These posts were funny, best way to deal with our type of situations :)

Katie, hope everything turns out good in your test.


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