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The latest on Gabe N Abby Mom

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I am at work and have to be brief but MRI is clear and she does have shingles in her eye. Poor baby, that has got to be miserable. She is still in the hospital. I will write more later but just had to share.

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But yuck for the shingles! Poor Linda. Prayers that she feels better soon and lots of hugs to her. Thank you for the update.



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I knew a man who had shingle in his eye and had to retire. It is the worst place to have shingles. I had two bouts of it and I believe you had them also CC. Not fun but in the eye, can't imagine how painful that must be. Poor Linda, she has had so much to deal with this year. I am so very sorry for her.


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I'm so glad the MRI was clear. Shingles in the eye, sounds painful and she's been dealing with enough pain as it is. Please send her my love.

Hugs, Debi

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That's great news! In my work in Ophthalmology, we had several patients with shingles..on the face and eye...biggest concern, besides the pain, is hoping it doesn't scar the tear duct openings...that can cause real problems down the road.....and the pain can linger due to nerve damage....

She's been through so much....God Bless her....hoping she feels better soon....thanks for the update!

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Here is "official" update from Lisa (while I'm on break). Please remember that I also had shingles recently. If you can get your shingles vaccine, I strongly recommend it. Unfortunately, my particular insurance won't pay for it until I am 60 (which occurs in 6 months). I will be getting it as soon as possible, BUT I have already had shingles TWICE. Being immunocompromised is no fun! Please get whatever vaccines you can.

"Results from the MRI are in and GOOD NEWS! There is no spread of cancer! After further testing, it is also confirmed that Linda has the Shingles infection in her left eye. No other area is involved. That was causing the incredible pain she has been experiencing, and while it will be a long road to recovery of this particular infection, the news that there is no further spread in the brain is FANTASTIC!

The doctor said they will discharge her tomorrow as long as she is continuing to hold steady and get better, with an arsenal of medications, no doubt! Her main doctor has been on vacation and returns next week, so she will find out when chemo can start up again. Hopefully shortly, as this brief break caused by the chemo making her susceptible to the Shingles virus, needs to end.....to kill the OTHER bad stuff!

Thank you everyone for your prayers for her healing - - I am a firm believer that it is working! She has a ferocious fight to continue, and continued thoughts and prayers will help that battle along.

Thank you also for the amazing response to the Linda Fund! The financial need still remains, as insurance and co-pays are necessities that continue, and will as the expense of this awful disease continues. I was reading more parts of emails to Linda today, and she was getting teary, hearing how wonderfully supportive everyone was and to realize how much she means to each of us. Thank you, everyone, for the offers to help, donations for yard sales, food for the family and financial gifts!

This is also a good time to remind everyone to look at getting the Shingles Vaccine if they are in need of it. Especially if your immune system is compromised in any way. I'm sure Linda will add this to her "reminder things" as she does about the monthly exams!

(To be redundant!) Thank you again for everything! If she is not strong enough to update online in a little bit, I'll jump on and do it again so everyone can pass it around."

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Never new you could get this in your Eye. Sending Hugs and prayers.
Love Kathy

Frankie Shannon
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I never new you could get shingles in your eye poor baby, anyways pleased for the good news and hope she feels better soon.I got my shingles shot when i was 65 plus pneumonia shot.Prayers and hugs foe Linda.
Hugs Frankie

New Flower
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Sending positive thoughts
Very happy about MRI results

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the out pouring of love can provide needed support and encouragement to Miss Linda. Now that the MRi results are back -- good news, maybe Linda will be on her way to healing
and recovery.

My prayers are with Linda's husband Kari and her children - Gabe and Abby. I pray
and hope that there is an agency out there this will provide assistance with co pays -
insurance help - I can only locate agencies that help when there is no insurance.
Hoping that Linda's Oncology center has a Social Worker that can shed some light
in assisting her family with co-pays, and her mounting health care medical expenses.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Hugs and Miles of Love from Kari

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I had an email last night from Lisa.....Linda is supposed to go home today!!!! Yeah...said she can't wait to get back into her own bed ....MRI showed no progression of the brain mets...yeah again! The family still needs financial help as Linda's disability is about to run out....and obviously they need to keep their insurance.... So......even $5.00 would be appreciated.....

Keep her in our prayers and hope she'll be able to post to us...
Hugs, Nancy

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Thank you for the update on Linda. Being home in her own bed will be a wonderful welcome, I'm sure. Yay Linda!

I will continue to pray for her and send good juju!

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After screwing up (I can be so dense at times...lol) and sending a donation to caringbridge (which did not in any way benefit Linda), I sent her a "real" donation via snail mail a few days ago. Praying she can pay for her insurance this month and maybe next.

I know personally that shingles can have a long recovery time (I believe I missed at least 2-3 weeks of work and I didn't have it in my eye and I don't have a history of brain mets).

Linda is so special to us because she always offers encouraging words and never complains. She is so careful and calm on the MB--like a refeshing and tranquil breeze. And I know that, if her friends are asking for help (notice she never has), it is time to open our hearts to her. She is our pink family and I so love that so many have opened their hearts. Hugs to Linda and hugs to you all. ACS Kindreds rock!

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If you need the address to send donations, contact TraciInLA.

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Jean 0609
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Will continue to keep Linda and her family in my prayers.

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Linda, sorry to hear about your shingels but Verry Happy to hear about your MRI.
Lots of Prayers and Hugs.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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There are so many individual heartfelt thank you's I have, my heart is overfull right now and I just can't keep the tears away. The good news is that I don;t have to...I can sit here and weep and enjoy the love and concern from all of you...because I sure am enjoying the warmth of that hug from all of you!

Hugs back,


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We are so happy to see your post! But how are you doing? Those shingles sounded just awful, awful, awful? Is your eye better. Sending more prayers and hugs!

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