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see my oncologist tomorrow

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In 4.5 years I had never felt better. Felt like I surely was one of the lucky ones with the stage ofCC 3B, successful take down of colostomy, and truly have never looked back. Guys I have had normal bowel movements for over 4 years. Other than the damage from chemo, neuropathy in my hands and feet and chemo head- I have pressed on and never looked back.

Until about 6 weeks ago that is. Started to have what probably is what a lot ofpeople struggle with after major surgery on bowel- I go through these cycles where it starts where I will eat anything, just even a bite of something and within 10 min Iam on the toliet. This will happen upto 10-15 bowel movements in one day. Finally will end with just expelling water. The only intake during this time is swallows of gatoraid and imodiumAD. So in some ways it was comical, like I was cleansing my soul.

And then I would be fine for about 5 days, eating normally, no problems, them wham. A cycle of this hit at a football game last weekend and I was squeezing butt cheeks tight to make it to the portapotty. That cycle was pretty bad- lots of explosive watery fun.

So I have been fine since last Saturday and today at school (I teach high school) I was doing the mad dash to toliet. Stools start off formed and soft- definitely not hard to expell. And today there was blood. Lots of it streaked through the stool. Surely is it just my colon is raw and a bit bleedy, huh?

SOlooooooo, I see my oncologist tomorrow morning and expect blood work up and probably either a scope or a colonoscopy next week. Haven't had a colonoscopy in 2.5 years, not due until March 2013 for one.

So what's the likelyhood that this is anything serious?

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I hope its nothing serious...saying a prayer for you.

Cathleen Mary
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I hope all will be well and that you get some relief soon. Prayers and best wishes.
Cathleen Mary

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You could have fissures and I've heard that they bleed - and a lot at some points. My daughter gets them from time to time and they most always bleed. Hope all goes well and nothing serious.


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I was giving tincture of opium (slows your guts) and 1 Imodium, you may need to take 2 imodiums.That stops the diarrea before it gets like water. Had my reversal in February 2011. Depends of chemo drugs, was constipated or then has diarrea . Doctor toll we can controlled by meds. So going good. Be patience your system needs to get use to. I have been in the bathroom every 30 minutes for 3 days, until everything came out. When it gets like pea soup I take the meds. I did not get the info about controlling my bowels until I when to see a Dermatologist, this year in July.good luck, drink lots of water suck on ice chips.good luck to you.

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I had my reversal in Feb 09 and have had no issues (pure luck) until mid summer.

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I had my reversal in Feb 09 and have had no issues (pure luck) until mid summer.

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could the blood be due to colon tissue irritation? i will be praying that it will be nothing serious. very smart to get it checked right away. good luck & please let us know what you find out.

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I am sorry for your discomfort, I know what it's like.
I hope it's something easily fixed.

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Glad you are going to get checked out.

Prayers that all tests have good results and the issues are something minor to be worked on.


Marie who loves kitties

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No guesses Pattee. Just prayers for a good result.
Hugs, Judy

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Good to hear you're getting it checked out. Keep us posted.

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Glad you are going to the doctor to get checked.
Please post what you find out....
Take good care~

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Dear Pattee, chin up, you must not think the worst right away. I have the same like you. I never know, but that is how I have my exercise, the mad dash to Any toilet facility, pressed cheeks and all. Blood could be from many things, so have it checked and when the answer comes then you deal with it.
Love and hugs and good wishes and vibes you know the routine.

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The symptoms you described appear as if you have an obstruction.

Adhesions can take about three or more years to develop to the
degree that they will cause an obstruction; the symptoms of what,
are as you seem to have.

A qualified colorectal surgeon, or a gastro specialist would be my
choice to provide an opinion, not an oncologist.

Stay well!


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Hi John- the quickest way to the gastro guy is through my oncologist, hence the reason for seeing the oncologist. He did do a rectal check and that was fine and he also believes this is probably an adhesion or stricture at the surgery site. So I am off for a colonoscopy next week sometime.

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Good going, Patteee!!

Hopefully it's a simple fix, and you'll be out and about quick!

Adhesions are always a problem, sooner or later... I guess it's
all part of this debacle called "cancer".

Good luck. You have my very best wishes.


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Get some script for LOMOTIL . It is much stronger than immodium. Hope your problems get solved.

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Something wrong with my eyes so I can't read all of your text, but I see that you are going to visit the oncologist. I pray that everything is going well.



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I'm sorry you're having these issues, especially after you've been doing so well. Praying it is something that's an easy fix!


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