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Clear Margins!!!

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The doctor just called...clear margins!!! YAY!


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Wonderful news Rebecca!....now breath..........ahhhhhhhhhhhhh....... How are you feeling? Each day things feel better....just take it easy, be a couch tater! Rest and recoup....post when you feel like it....anxious to see how you're doing...

Better days ahead..
Big hugs, Nancy

Posts: 245
Joined: May 2012

The doctor said that the original biggest tumor was over 5 cm and when he took it out it was 1.3cm. Chemo did its work...THANK YOU CHEMO!!!!! I hated you chemo, but THANK YOU!!!

Becky doing cartwheels and believe me that ain't a pretty sight.

I am bruised and sore and the surgery scars are angry red, but the surgeon did a very nice job of keeping the breast "together".

Sorry gotta get offa here...just too danged happy to sit still!

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Congrats! Calls like that make your day!


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Yay. You have earned your good news! xoxoxo Lynn

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That's great news!

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Wonderful news! Time for the happy dance!

Hugs, Debi

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Double Whammy
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I'm so happy for you. Dance the night away.


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That is absolutely the best news. Congrats

New Flower
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Glad to hear good news

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Sooooooo Happy for you!!!

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Wonderful news Rebecca:) Thank you for sharing your good results with us:) it's good to hear!!
Miles of Love,

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I'm so glad to hear all your suffering through chemo was soooooooo worth the end results. Give yourself a pat on the back for sticking with it and showing those cancer cells who is the boss.


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Great news......celebrate! Sue D

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Sorry I am just seeing this..YAY for you! I am so happy for you!

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I am grateful that so many care. I will see the BS for a follow up tomorrow to find out about rads. I am healing up fine, with a half-baseball sized lump where the lymph nodes were taken out and a red scar about 2" still with peri strips on it, where the 3 lumps were removed. I am not in too much pain and feeling the best I have felt in a very long time...chemo finally draining out of my body and cancer sent packing. OY! I hope.

love my sisters with all of my heart,

ps: Sandy, you have had so much going on! thanks for the post.

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Hi Rebecca, glad your feeling better.

Let us know about your appt with the BS today.


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Joined: May 2012

He put a needle in the lump and drained out a fluid. ouch! He said I have to come back next week for another episode. Rads can't start until that is cleaned up. He also said to make a follow up appt with the Oncologist since they usually like to have a look after surgery. I think I will wait on that one...it will cost me $5o so she can look at where the lump used to be and ask me a few questions?

Becky sooooo doesn't think so! Becky has much better use for $50. Becky bad.


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