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New trials

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Not sure if anyone saw the article from two researchers in CA. They are working with a part of marijuana, will not get you high, that they have proved to kill cancer cells in petri dishes and animals. According ro their results this portion of marijuana killed the cancer and the cell returned to normal. Might be amazing. They are making synthetic batches now. There is no high and no side effects.


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Mike, I wish there was a way to private message you as I can't seem to find it. There is information out there that you might be interested in that's related :)

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On the left tab, under csn (the pink section),the eigths one down, click "csn email" and then follow instrucions

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These researchers habe submitted the paperwork for human trials. This could be really great. There are plenty of reports out there, from ordinary people, using hash oil for Melanoma, which I have, and prostate cancer, which I do not believe, yet.

These guys are actual researchers in CA who combined their research and got a surprise. I believe they said it was DO-1. Anyhow if anyone is not doing well you might want to research this and apply for the trials. They have to get approval first and then set their requirements.

Anyone with an interest should google "researchers in CA discover marijuana ingredient kills cancer cells". They list their names, etc so you can contact them before approval and see if they have set their criteria. It might take a year or two but it really sounda promising. Better than what I have had so far. Last Friday had another ht shot and it is Tuesday and it is swelling more and is turning red. I need a new nurse.


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