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For veterand who may need in home care

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I was not aware that we (as veterans and/or spouses of veterans) can get paid for needed in home care. Just thought I'd put this out there.


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Thank you posting this important and many times overlooked information. Unfortunately, many times the Veteran forgets to seek out the benefits available to them. I also agree with the article, not all VA reps are on top of their game as they don't have all the answers. Sometimes, it requires us to call again and request a Supervisior to answer our questions to double check if we are getting the correct information.

We can be pro-active and search the on-line Veterans manual that comes out yearly. A paperback book/manual is usually available at the VA buildings/hospital/clinic/office.


Something that I didn't know that I read in the article that Greend posted was that the VA considers War time Veterans totally disabled at the age of 65. This is news to me....I will have to double check this information and hopefully remember to post my findings here.
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Hello All,

Here is the link again and the wording as to what the VA states about the age of 65 in Chapter 3 of this link and Manual.


Here is the beginning of the paragraph,etc.....It starts off about pensions and then moves into the Aid and Attendance/ Housebound Benefits (Special Monthly Pension)

Eligibility for Veterans Pension

Veterans with low incomes who are either permanently and totally
disabled, or age 65 and older, may be eligible for monetary support if
they have 90 days or more of active military service; with at least one
day during a period of war. The 90-day active service requirement
does not apply to Veterans with a service-connected disability justifying
discharge from the military. (Veterans who entered active duty on
or after Sept. 8, 1980, or officers who entered active duty on or after
Oct. 16, 1981, may have to meet a longer minimum period of active
duty). The Veteran’s discharge must have been under conditions
other than dishonorable and the disability must be for reasons other
than the Veteran’s own willful misconduct.

Payments are made to bring the Veteran’s total income, including
other retirement or Social Security income, to a level set by
Congress. Unreimbursed medical expenses may reduce countable
income for VA purposes.

Just below this section is the A&A wording with additional information on the Special pension that could be added to the above Veteran's pension.

It can and often does get confusing, so I would suggest that if anyone were to attempt to apply for said benefits that they contact their local Military Organization such as the VFW,DAV,
Vietnam Veteran's of America, or American Legion and request a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) to help you fill out all the paperwork. The VSO does not charge for this service to you.

I apologize for the long post, but hope it is helpful to someone down the road.

Semper Fidelis

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Never can do enough for vets.....

Back in the day, vets seemed to have a little more going for them than these days.

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