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new member, dad just diagnosed

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Hi. My dad was just diagnosed with advanced metasticized prostate cancer. He had an MRI for disc issues and they found "spots" on his spine, which turned out to be cancer. Followed by a CT Scan, a PET scan, and a PSA test. The scans and tests confirmed prostate cancer that had spread to one lymph node and his spine, hip and rib. His PSA was 1040 and his Gleason score, which we just got yesterday, was a 9, although I don't know if it is a 4+5 or a 5+4. He started Casodex yesterday, and he is having a lot of pain in his back so the doc gave him Oxycontin, which so far is not doing anything at all for him, not even making him high. Not sure what else to do for the pain, but I've read some of you have had radiation for pain. Was it external radiation or injection with Strontium or some other radioactive agent? Did it help your pain? He is due for his first Lupron shot late next week, but the Casodex was to prevent a flare up after the Lupron shot.

Any advice for us, family members, and how we can best help him is appreciated. We love him and don't want to see him suffering if there is something that can help!

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I was sorry to read of your father's diagnosis. As you may know, there is no cure for the advanced cancer that your father finds himself with at this time. External radiation can be effective in mitigating pain in the spine and other bone areas. The hormone therapy regimen your father is starting should help slow the growth of cancer metastasis but it is not a cure. Eventually these drugs become ineffective and other drugs are used.

While you can never say how long someone will last with these conditions, and some have lasted for several years, it might be prudent for your family to begin researching hospice options for when that might become a viable alternative.

In the meantime, your father's diagnosis means you are at higher risk for prostate cancer yourself. Be sure you get checked at the earliest opportunity and stay on top of this.

Best to you and your family.


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I am sorry for your father's pain and diagnosis. His case is very advanced and he will need to consult specialists on targeted medication. He will require a series of drugs for pain and cancer and for other related issues that the treatments will entail.
I wonder is age and fitness. I believe he has been already subjected to lipids tests and I would recommend you to get the data yourself for comparison and checking abnormalities. A healthy liver is important to accommodate the many inhibitors and caused interactions.

There is a good book for advanced cases which I recommend you to read;
“Beating Prostate Cancer: Hormonal Therapy & Diet” by Dr. Charles “Snuffy” Myers

Diet is helpful in prostate cancer issues. Here is information provided by the National Cancer Institute; “An Overview of Nutrition in Cancer Care”.

Radiation to treat pain is delivered externally to spots but your dad got many so he may get some pain relieve from famous drugs used in advanced cases. A bisphosphonate named Zometa alleviates pain and controls bone loss. Other drugs you may consider are Xgeva and Alpharadin. Get details from the net googgling their name.

I would recommend you to search for a specialist oncologist in your area, but if your dad can travel he could get a consultation with famous specialists such as; Dr. Charles Myers, Dr, Bob Leibowitz, Dr. Mark Scholz, etc, to consider a due protocol. He may then follow treatment locally at his place.
Google for addresses.

I hope the Lupron provides some relief in the cancer spread but your dad will require other hormonal/chemo manipulations for better results.
He will need the support of the whole family to confront this difficult time in his life.

Wishing him luck and peace of mind to the family.
Welcome to the board.


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