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This is Awesome! Marijuana Stops spread of Cancer!!!

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This has to be the cure! They gov't won't let this happen I am sure!

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Far out man...anybody got anything to eat?

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I'll take a hit off that bong!!!!

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We'd better avoid grassing anyone up here but anyway I'd bet Angie isn't going for it and I doubt whether her Mom is going to develop a habit.

It appears you can't get enough of the relevant ingredient (Cannabidiol) just by smoking pot (as opposed to the pain relief it can offer) and so they're manufacturing it in the labs. It's probably just as well since it is now a different proposition with all the recent hybridisation - still pot, 'but not as we know it, Jim' - and much more damaging to the brain than it used to be.

However, the news about Cannabidiol is really good to hear - astonishing how many new shafts of light keep on illuminating the gloomy world of the crab!

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Posts: 888
Joined: Mar 2012

Ah, it would only be good fortune that having cancer could feel so good if this were the cure! In pill form mom would jump on it!! I hope the research goes quickly and it looks very promising. Now, if only the big drug companies would see it that way. I heard you can't Patten a plant. Hmm you guys are all too funny! Let's laugh our way to Friday. ;)

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Damn.... Lets start clinical trials NOW!

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This is one of those days where the smiles just keep coming and it's not even Friday. Thank you all!

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What do you do? Just inhale?

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Phoenix Rising
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The medical community has known this for years. I had a discussion with a medical marijuana provider and he stated the best manner of delivery is digestion/ ingestion. He said it should be baked into cookies or brownies and eaten daily. It also stops pain and increases appetite. Sounds good to me!

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ABT brownies. yum. No wonder I didn't get cancer in college. I got nuttin else to say. Except, "Pass the m&m's, and peanuts, chips, ice cream.......

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Well my brother still smokes the stuff and he does not have cancer so who knows,hey Texas just curious what is the hootchie like in the U.K.

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Max Power
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I self-medicate for nausa and appetite, ever since I lost 30 lbs in six months on Sutent. I'm now back to high school weight, but without the muscles!

I was watching a special on medical mj and learned of vaporizers, and bought one. A vaporizer heats the mj enough to vaporize the desireable gasses without burning, which puts out undesireable gasses and heat.

Coincidentally, my state is voting on medical mj this November. I never took medical mj seriously as I didn't feel it was the right way to go to legalize it. But now I think enough people actually need it for medical reasons it might pass.

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One toke over the line....

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This thread has me craving cheez whiz.

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