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Hepatic Arterial Infusion

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I am undecided whether to use HAI at Sloan Kettering even though I am a perfect candidate according to my doctor. Can someone help me make that choice. Has anyone been treated with the pump and systemis at the same time?
My other option is standard systemic FOLFOX with hopes of the clinical trial called EPOCH which uses embolization.

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I've been under Dr. K's care at SK starting in Feb 2004 and did the HAI and systemic treatment.
It's over 8 1/2 years now. I still get some slow growing lung mets that require RFA's once a year
and I'm doing targeted chemo. It's sort of like a chronic situation but I have a quite good quality of life.
I have no complaints at all. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!
PS: Obviously, the choice is yours and yours alone. Hopefully you'll get opinions here.

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Hi Phil - I always appreciate your posts ... you're very helpful to me and others. I just had a quic follow up question, following the use of HAI & Systemic, have you had any recurrences in your liver?

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I've had ZERO recurrances/issues with my liver or colon.
I had the resection 8 years ago today (my resection/HAI pump installation might have been on Sept 22, 2004) and everything has been fine with liver & colon. It's just the darn lungs!
There are plenty of the same people I see at my oncologist's office.
I have a scan today, next week I'll see how the last RFA went...
PS: Glad I can be of help. Not everyone reacts the same but my Onc has had great success with this therapy.

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I am very pleased to hear that you've had no recurrences in the liver and colon since your surgery. Happy Surgerversary by the way.

Praying for your today and wishing you CLEAR SCANS. All the best.

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But if my daughter would get the opportunity to have liver resection with HAI pump at MSK we would absolutely go for it. I have "met" six people on various support forums who had the treatment at MSK by Dr. Kemeny with great success. We are waiting for scans in a few weeks to see where we stand. I am inspired by Phil's story and the others. We are so far away from MSK. We'll see... if I have to brave NYC, I will. Terrified of the thought of NYC.


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You still have to do systemic "with" the HAI pump....so it's not easier, just an "extra".

Sandy....i know what you mean about nyc. I have gone nearly every other week for a year.....from out-of-state.
When you come from far away it is not easy!! But, I felt it was my only shot. It is still a work in progress.....very grueling.....but cancer in general is grueling. Just saying. I'm going to ny again on Sunday (until fri). Have scans Monday, chemo wednesday, disconnect from 46-hour pump on Friday. Fly home. Rinse & repeat. Feeling really, really good physically, though. Thank goodness.

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I had the HAI done, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is a candidate (i.e. metastases mostly limited to liver). While it did not get me to resectability, I did it after an initial 12 rounds of FOLFOX and it has kept my countless metastases stable longer than I possibly could have hoped for. I wish more hospitals did it or at least recommended it...it's a fantastic arrow to have in your quiver for mCRC treatment IMHO.

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