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looking for anyone who had normal ca 125

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Hi for maybe 13 weeks not i have had intense pain in my lower stomach and back . have gained 20 kgs in around 8 months have the size if a 5 month pregnant stomach ,chronic fatigue used to spend every day with my darling grand children but sleep most of the time my hair is nearly grey because i dont have any energy not a biggy but just out of character of me .
peeing heaps constiaption .had a hysterectomy 6 years ago but overays where left and because nothing was there never had another smear .although i did have grade 2 cerival cancer 24 years ago but have been clear since .

anyway just wondering if anyones CA 125 has been normal only to find later during the ulta scan colonoscopy and endoscopy that it actually was cancer .
I am praying that because the CA125 ws in normal range this means there is not cancer .

anyone else had this happen?

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Glad to be done
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Im sorry I am no help. My gyno kept telling me my cysts on my ovaries were just cysts and would go away. They were clear fluid which was good. This was for 4 months as they grew and grew. Ya that doc is a quack. He finally after 4 months and at my urging sent me for a CA 125 and it was 165. He sent me to a gyn onc only becase the ovaries were too big for him to take out. So he said. My ovaries both had cancer in them. I will get a new gyno before I go back to that quack....

I will add - After my total hysterectomy and debulking surgery I was diagnosed stage 3C because it spread to the two lymph nodes that my right ovary was sitting on. I had absolutely NO symptoms. I did six round of chemo and today I am NED (no evidence detected).

CA 125 is a great test for some and doesnt work for others.

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