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A Day In My Life :

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Sometimes I get so engrossed always talking about our "c" and the aftermath of that "c"...I always enjoyed a post from my online family when they shared a funny moment in their lives...so here is one of mine recently. :) Because "c" is NOT all there is to US!! :)


We live in a house that is 50+/- years old and the water pressure is something to be deisred. So this a.m. I get up early to take a shower to get ready for my day.

There are several post it notes around the house that I have put up giving the kids some silent reminders of what to do, such as "put it back in the case" above the X-box, "dont' jump off the bottom step" at the bottom of the stairway
to their upstairs room, "shut the door" located on the front screen door. Then there are two located above the toilet, which are my favorite (and biggest points of contention in the household) that read "lift the lid" and "flush wipe flush wipe".

You see, with boys, they tend to use the potty and then proceed to wipe, wipe, and wipe and wipe again. THEN they attempt to flush. NOT a good combination. The better combination is flush, wipe, flush, wipe. (The day we all met around the toilet to discuss those two post it notes is another story for another day).

I digress.

I'm in the shower, enjoying the brisk flow of water when I hear the bathroom door open. I peak out and see West. "Gotta go Dad" he says and proceeds to the toilet.

Then for the next TEN FLUSH's I bite my tongue and suffer through trying to get off my body a dab of shampoo. OMG, how long does it take to wipe your booty!!! I say nothing out loud because I am trying to keep order and structure and he is doing as he should.

Just when West leaves and I think I'm in the clear, in walks Jace. "Gotta pee Dad". I hold my breath, and Jace decides to flush BEFORE he uses the potty!!!! Then he flush's AFTER he uses the potty!! Jeeez, I'm dying here.

As Jace is walking out, in comes Kohle. In frustration (still lathered up) I pull the shower curtain back a bit further than intended and like some traffic cop I just point to the door from which Kohle just walked in. He turned and left.

Let's just say poor Kohle is probably still wondering what happened and trying to recover from what he saw.

Tim / Head & Neck SURVIVOR
Proud Dad to Georgia, Kohle, West, Jace & Raylan

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Pam M
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Sometimes you really are grateful for the things that make you nuts. There's something about the day to day normalcy of commode flushing while you're showering (thanks to newer appliances, we can shower while we wash dishes or clothes, but NOT when someone's flushing), picking up the paper that opened up and blew across the yard, or scolding the dog who NEEDS to give "kisses" NOW. Maybe it's a comfort thing - it's good to know that not every aspect of our life is swallowed up by the cancer black hole.

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D Lewis
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From our house of low water pressure... we can relate. Thanks for the chuckle. These are the things that make life worth living.


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OK, you know me, LOL.... I need some clarity on a few things.

When you say you pulled back the curtain a little too far and "pointed" to the door.......OK, sorry won't go there.

But, the one that I'm totally confused on is your "flush, wipe, flush, wipe"....where's the last flush?

If you do it the way you say..., there's no flush after that last wipe?

You can tell you must be an administrative type...., "The job isn't finished, until the paperwork is done"...., LOL.


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You guys give me a much needed smile this morning. David is still in ICU and I finally left the hospital to take a couple of hours to get David some things he requested and take a much needed shower. Then I thought I would check on my friends and see how everyone is doing. Well not everything I read is pleasant and I will continue to pray for those who are going through a very hard time right now, but then I read posts like these and get a little chuckle and know that things will eventually get back to normal. Have a great day everyone.

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Wow Tim looks like you have a hard time getting thru a shower around your house. May need a sticky on the door that says "Dad in the shower come back later" Well I guess that may not work, when ya gotta go ya gotta go and with 5 kids someone likely will have to go. Great story glad you shared it.

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