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Brenda Bricco
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Anyone taking this? If so at what dosage and who suggested it and why. My husband's onc told him lots of people are taking it but he forgot to get dosage.

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LINK: Vitamin B6

I especially loved the "bottom line::

"The best way to get the daily requirement of essential vitamins is to
eat a balanced diet that contains a variety of foods

Popping pills and supplements simply does not do what the body
normally does with food products during the normal digestive process.

Why oh why oh why..... do we try to fool mother nature?

Better health to all,


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I had a discussion with my pharmacist, she said they're doing clinical trials on it as it's supposed to reduce the side effects of the xeloda, hand/foot stuff.

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"it's supposed to reduce the side effects of the xeloda, hand/foot stuff. "

It only makes sense that it would! Xeloda's side effects is tingling and
pain in the extremities (among other pains, etc), and extra amounts of
vitamin B-6 results in the side effects of numbness and loss of feeling.

Take one away, and get three more of something worse?

In should be kept in mind, that side effects are not limited to what you
can easily see and feel. Just how much and where, does that deadening
of muscles happen?

It might be a "good thing" to resolve that tingling and pain in the extremities,
but muscles are muscles. Vision, hearing, breathing and the regulation of
your heart, are all muscle operatives...

You can't fool with the normal reactions to things the body does not like,
and not have to pay a price for it. That "price" can be pretty expensive, if
it's value is in weighed in heart problems, vision, hearing, or basic mobility.

Just sayin'...

Hopes for beter health!


Brenda Bricco
Posts: 579
Joined: Aug 2011

Hi John, I read your link and then looked at your story. What I am wondering is what advice you would have for someone that has insurance that covers all of the conventional treatments but can barley keep food on the table for your faimly. I mean, I can barely keep gas in my car let alone go after a very expensive treatment that we don't have coverage for. Is there some sort of finacial aide that I am not aware of that would support someone willing to go the natural way? I am not doubting the natural way but I just don't know how to get the herbs without an unlimited money supply. I don't even know how to find a "natural doctor" especially one that isn't a scam artist.

I appreciate your opinion but I think you should know that there are those of us that just don't have the resources you must have. We are all just trying to get better and I know that we are doing the best we can, using the treatments that are available to my husband.
Thanks for your kindness,

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Unlike "Naturopathic Medicine", Traditional Chinese Medicine
isn't usually covered by insurance. Acupuncture and office visits
for acupuncture are often covered, but not herbal remedies.

It's unfortunate that Western medicine has such control over the
FDA, that they refuse to acknowledge the use of the Modality
as being anything but "snake oil". However, if it can be used as
an "adjunct", they'll consider it.... ($$$).

The herbs I had used (listed in my "blog") had cost less than
$20 per week total. The two herbs that are listed first, are
the most important (and used together). The average cost
for each is usually less than $6 per pound, and the pound will
make enough broth for six weeks of treatment. The most costly
herbs was around $15 per pound, but the amount used for broth
was a lesser amount, and the pound lasted for three or more months.

The TCM practitioners vary with their charges, and it's unpredictable.

Our TCM doc is highly rated, and has many local western medicine
physicians under his care for various ailments that WM has no
cure for. There were two oncologists that that had sent late-term
patients to him, that I knew of.

I will admit that his charges could run a bank account down
fairly quickly, but he's made exceptions and either reduced, or not
charged at all, for visits (or herbs) from time to time during care.

The shop I bought herbs from is in Orlando, about an hour's ride
from home. The new owner is a practitioner of Asian medicine,
as was the former owner. Her prices for a visit was less than
$30, and she sold imported medicinal strength herbs for less than
could be found wholesale on the web.

So the cost to do a different modality needn't be expensive!

If you shop around, you'll find that you can get what you're
looking for at a cost you want much easier than you can find
prescription drugs at a reasonable price.

I find it -very- frustrating to read about people here spending
large amounts of money for "Naturopathic Medicine", or
"alternative" remedies that claim to resolve issues overnight
using expensive supplements (like grape seed extract, apricot pits,
along with expensive items like machines to oxygenate water,
or to change the PH factor of water).

It's frustrating to read it being called "alternative medicine", and
having TCM added to the mix, as if they have actually tried true
Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There is a very, very big difference between using modern
"holistic medicine" or taking modern remedies that have absolutely
no history, and utilizing a science that has spanned thousands of
years, serving billions of people throughout that time.

Taking any "alternative medicine" should not be an expensive
thing to do, especially if it's a known, natural substance. If it
is expensive, then perhaps it's more about the money, than
making people well.

TCM is apart from the hyperbole. It's as expensive or as inexpensive
as the practitioner decides to make it, but you are not limited to
that specific practitioner..... you -can- shop around.

Many TCM/Asian medicine practitioners, as well as herbalists,
may welcome being able to offer you advice regarding your
choice of herbs, and oversee your use of herbal formulas.

Our choice of TCM doc, as busy as he was, saw me whenever
I felt the need for advice, and resolved any problem I had.
(I had a problem taking too much of one herb, as noted in the blog)

It was not expensive, not by anyone's standard.

If people do not use their own initiative to find what they're
looking for, than perhaps they really aren't interested in finding it....

I do know it's all out there to be found; one just has to look.

If I could be of help, let me know. There are no guarantees
with any modality, but some are a whole lot safer than others.

"You don't have to get worse before you get better"

Best of health to you,


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its funny, but at least my visit to my tcm doctor are covered.

sipping my tea right now!


ps the article i saw today about b6 i thought i would share.


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My MSK dr suggested 100 mg 3x/day; my local onc suggested 50 mg 3x/day. I went with the 100 mg 3x/day, but it didn't help me much. However, I've heard of it helping lots of people.

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I don't take large amounts of this B6, all I wanted to avoid is my hands and feet peeling, I've heard it can get quite severe and debilitating. Must occurr a lot because oncologist and nurses are always asking to see my hands and feet. I have not had anything cracking, peeling redness, and I haven't had to use the bag balm they provided. I haven't babied by hands or feet either, house needs to be cleaned, we're into water sports...so I've walked around with wet watershoes on for hours, pulled boat roaps etc., oh and groomed horses....no issues. I don't always remember to take them. Last onc. appt. they asked about my hands and feet again...I said haven't had any issues...they said if I haven't had them yet I probably won't. I took it as a preventative measure and the oncologists pharmacist said it would probably help.

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NO issues of peeling, cracking redness and I NEVER used B6 or anything else, perhaps you never needed it? I just think that sometimes, it is what it is, and maybe not, maybe the B6 helped, hard to tell isn't it? Or maybe I just have good B6, I do eat meat(especially since getting cancer, I've had hankerings for turkey and chicken a lot more), nuts, fish and such (fish quite often)maybe naturally getting B6 works pretty good!!
Winter Marie

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My GP Doc told me to get my B6 levels up to the Maximum. 500 -2500 is normal. Mine was running to the low side. (about 650) I started taking B6 shots once a week and took B complex pills a couple times a day. I got my B6 levels to 2500 in a few months. Currently it is above 2000.

There was a study at Harvard Med that showed people with low B also had a higher rate of cancer then the average population.

Best Always, mike

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