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New Update on Gabe N Abby Mom (Linda)

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Here is the latest (posted on caringbridge):

"Hi, it's Lisa again with another update:

Thank you so much for the amazing outpouring of support and love for our Linda and her family! Many times as I’ve read the emails and messages, I had tears in my eyes just hearing how she has touched you and how everyone now is supporting her. The internet is an amazing thing, and insomuch as we have our complaints and problems with it, the fact that so many of you have copied and posted the Linda Updates and gotten the word out, I know that the Prayers and Good Thoughts can work Miracles, so Please, let’s keep it going!

When I was there today, the doctor scheduled an MRI this afternoon to see exactly what’s going on in her head (sorry, Karl, it won’t help you figure women out!) and to rule out some possibilities. It’s scheduled for mid to late afternoon, so we may not have results until tomorrow. They have also done a swab test to see about the eye swelling, and it may have the “shingles” virus on her outer eyelid, but not sure as of yet. There is no worry it is anywhere else, however, if it is that virus, and is considered non-transmitting, so she is still in a regular hospital room. Her eye is not really able to open due to the swelling, so when she is awake, she’s just winking at us!

Her pain is best managed with some good doses of Ativan; it relaxes her and she continues to sleep a lot. She’s now taking it orally, with less nausea, so that is a good sign. In addition, they are ordering nutritional shakes and an IV with some extras in it, as she still has not eaten much of anything for a week.

To benefit her and the family, we are having a yard sale in Natomas next weekend, the 29th at her home off Truxel on Millview Ct. Any assistance or donations are gladly accepted! There is a Gift Certificate set up for Linda and Karl with “Food To You”, where they will accept donations to add to the Gift Certificate so they can order dinners delivered to their home as needed. Please contact me for more information. There is also a “Linda Simmons Medical Fund” checking account set up with Bank of the West. Please contact me for more information.

Karl is working hard to keep everything on an even keel for the kids, and he’s doing a great job! Gabe has another football game this Friday, and Abby is doing great keeping up with her schoolwork & such, so Linda can be very proud of them!"

Linda, I am praying hard that you are feeling better soon and that the MRI is all good. Big (((hugs))) The Pink Warriors miss you!

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Thanks for the update....praying the MRI is clear..and all this is just horrible side effects from the brain rads....and I hope it's not shingles that's affecting her eye....I won't rest easy until she's on the mend and back home with her family....

Prayers and good thought to you Linda...
Hugs, Nancy

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Thanks for the update. I will continue to pray for her.


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Thank you so much for this update. I've been praying for Linda and her family. Please let her know how much I miss her. Not sure how to donate ... so if someone could PM me I will do what I can.

Much love to Linda and her family. Please get well soon.


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praying Linda will get well soon

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Thanks Lisa for the update. Please let Linda know I'm praying for her and hope she is home with her kids and hubby soon. Sending Hugs and prayers.

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