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When I was in chemo, I finally gave in and used Ativan .5 for sleep. It worked ok. Now I am 5 weeks out and have tried sleeping on my own the past 4 nights and it's not working. I go to sleep just fine then am wide awake 2 hours later. When I go back to sleep, I am again awake 1-2 hours later. So, how long is this disruptive sleep cycle likely to continue? Should I just give up and start taking the Ativan again?. I am not much for pharmaceuticals which is kinda funny considering all the poison I have been willingly putting into my body this past spring and summer.

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I am almost three years out from start of chemo/radiation. My dr. took one look at me and put me on Ambient. He said your body doesn't heal well if you don't get enough of the right kind of sleep. I say, what ever gets you through the night! best, debrajo

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right there with you. I never sleep a full night anymore. I wake up so tired but I wake up early every morning and as much as I want to take naps when I get home, I can't. I try taking Advil PM and it sometimes helps but usually wake up about 2-3 sit up for a while then go back to sleep. Wake up at 7 get up go to work. Let me know if any finds a good sleep remedy not including pills. trish

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My doctor had me on ativan for the duration of my chemo and then took me off it because he said you don't want to take sleeping pills forever. Since i can't take benadryl he told me the next best thing was Melatonin. It took about a week for it to work and 2 years later I sleep very good at night. I take 1 3mg tablet about an hour before bedtime and it works great for me. The over the counter sleep aids stop working after you take them for awhile but melatonin is a natural sleep aid that your body produces.

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My onc wouldn't give me Ambien so I got it from my GP. Suffered through the worst of it, and when I got really bad I'd take the Ambien. It's a wonder drug (though not wondrous enough to have combatted chemo insomnia).

I'm 3 1/2 months past my last chemo and many nights I sleep great. Lately I've had trouble though. I was diagnosed with sleep disorders a year or so before my cancer diagnosis, and this is what the sleep dr prescribed:

For restless legs, Requip, B-12 megadose and iron
For a mild case of apnea, 3-6 mg of melatonin about half an hour before bedtime

I find I'm taking Ambien 1-2 times a month.

Liz in Dallas, who thinks insomnia makes everything feel worse

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