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Flank Pain turned out to be kidney Obstruction

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Well crap! My flank pain only got worse and had to go to ER. Turns out my right kidney stopped working because of an obstruction which they can not identify as a stone. I now have a temporary nephrostomy tube and will have a stent placed monday. They will also explore to see what caused the obstruction. I am not looking forward to the answer. Prob spreading cancer is the cause. I am so bumbed out. I just started to reclaim my life back. Just went back to work two weeks ago. This damn cancer sucks so bad. I am so tired of having to pick myself up off the floor.

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So sorry to hear that. You should wait for the conclusion as to why the blockage. Maybe it was due to something they can clear up soon. Hoping for the best for you and hope that you feel better soon.


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Hopefully this can be resolved easily for you. Keep us posted.

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