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Hi everyone just new for around 13 weeks i have suffered stomach pain ,back pain in 8 months gained 20 kgs have a stomach the size of a 5 month pregnant woman pee all the time .fatigue
constipation the pain is so bad that at times I have been given Morphine .i am post menopause and had a hysterectomy 6 years ago although they left overies .

I am waiting to have ultra scan ,colonoscopy ,endoscopy the I am confused because my CA 125 was in the normal range does this mean I do not have cancer .


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The CA-125 is not an accurate marker for everyone. Some women have active ovarian cancer and their CA-125 is normal. That being said, although your symptoms are conducive to ovarian cancer, they could also be a result of other conditions. You won't know until your diagnositc test results are in, or maybe not until you have surgery, if that is merited. When I was being diagnosed, they did a pregnancy test on me. It can come back positive if ovarian cancer is present. Mine did come back positive, and I wasn't pregnant.

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Thank you so much ,I am 51 and have been a very healthy woman all my life hardly even a head ache .I did have the hysterectomy because of fibroids but apart from that nothing I even had 3 pain less labours so pain to me is not some thing I am used to and it doesnt go for a even a day . i have two beautiful gandchildren that I spent all my time with now I sleep most of the day .so glad I found this site its makes you feel like you are not alone and boy have i felt alone for months ,thanks again Tethys .

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I had symptoms for 14 months before being diagnosed with Primary Peritoneal Cancer (like ovarian). At the time of diagnosis, my CA 125 was only 149. On the other hand, you could have something benign causing the symptoms. Try not to worry till you have more info. Wishing you the best!

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