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Posted this on the FB site, thought I should post it here also for those not on FB.

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It's not over until God says it's over!
I just had to say that.
You see my brother has fought this disease for over 2 years now, 25 months to be exact. How many times I thought, 'this is it,' but he never stops amazing me.
Jr. has been off of chemo since the end of June and when I saw him yesterday I was truly amazed.
There was my brother sitting at his keyboard, he talked with such strength, his skin color was good, his eyes looked clear, his mind was sharp as ever.
He said he feels so much better being off of that chemo.
He is taking that Essiac Tea and he feels it is really helping him.
He said he feels the tumor is shrinking because he can tell a difference.
Before he would have to use that suction device to suction out his saliva all the time but now he can go longer periods of time before using it.
I was there for over a half an hour, close to an hour, and he never had to suction at all.
He played two songs for me on the piano.
I'm still amazed!!
He went to the store with his wife Saturday and walked the store!
He also walked over to our brother's house that lives there on the same property as Jr.
He was only given a month this past July to live and he seems better than I have ever seen him!!
He is so optimistic.
He told me not to worry about him.
His pain level is not unbearable, the only major discomfort he has is 'constipation' from the morphine.
I have to thank God!!!!
This is a miracle to us all that he is still here and in this condition!!
Just had to share this.
I am so glad I went to see him, such a heavy load has been lifted.
I know things can change drastically from one day to the next with this disease but for now there needs to be a bit of joy.
Just goes to show that doctors don't know everything.
Jr's daughter and grandkids were over there and he was spending yet another day with his family.
What a blessing from Heaven!!

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Hi, I did read on FB, but I'm so glad you shared, so the ones that missed it can know this miracle. It might be for just a little while , but for now God has given him some quality time and peace.

I feel like I can give credit to God when talking to you, because we both have the same faith. Hoping no one is offended.

Prayers and hugs,


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Wonderful news. I did see your FB post and wondered if it was you (hard to figure out who there is who here!!).

FWIW I'm not at all religious, but certainly take no offense at all at anyone else's religious views. I think we're all entitled to our own beliefs and have respect for all people's opinions (as long as they are not used to hurt people).

SO happy Junior is doing better.

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