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Hello again

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I just wanted to put a post up today saying that I hope that I did not offend anyone with my last two postings. Everyone has a right to pick their own treatment plan and options dealing with this cancer and I was just speaking from my own point of view. Eddie was given pallative treatment only right from the beginning since he was stage four with mets to his liver/stomach/pelvis and probably brain. I believe that there are people who beat this horrible disease and I hope you are one of them.

I was only speaking from my heart and what I have gone through for the past three years since he was diagnosed on October 7, 2009. This is a day that I will never forget as it change all our lives. Ask questions, lots of questions, get the facts, make your doctors be upfront with you, know what you are getting into, that's all I really was trying to say.

As with anyone who has lost someone, life is never really the same, whether it's cancer or something else that takes their lives. We try to go on, for them, for ourselves, for our children, and we put one foot in front of the other everyday. Sometimes good/somedays not so good. Our lives change totally, from a financial point of view, to sometimes having to move, to living alone, it's all just a new life. We did not choose to become widows/widowers, we just became one and I, speaking from my heart, is lost without my Eddie. We shared 27 years together and I feel like I have lost my best friend.

If anyone ever needs any help, please contact me.


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Linda, Our heartfelt opinions and feeling is what this site is all about. We should be able to give our feelings and veiws without worrying about offending anyone. It is what you lived through, and that should be able to help someone.

With stage three, I am the only one I know that didn't have radiation. My docter is one of the best in the country and he and other doctors did a study on the benefits of rad. for EC patients ,and concluded it did more harm than benefit. I am almost five years till diagnoses and am still NED. Would I tell others not to take rad? No way, follow your doctors procedures. They have used it with benefit. We want to fight this beast with all that's available. But the point I want to make is, every case is different, so it takes us all to help the newbies cope. If someones dr. doesn't do rad. then maybe I can help calm their fear.

Linda, I feel like I'm rambling, so I'll shut up and talk to you later.


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And don't apologize for it. It is good to know the experience of others and we thank you for sharing what is a heart-wrenching life changing experience.

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No offense taken. We all share our experiences and that's a good thing.

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I sent you my email, did you get it??

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