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Mom went in for CT - liver...embolization?

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hi everyone,
I posted a few days ago too about mets in my mom's smaller hepatic ducts - we got a CT last night and awaiting results. I hope we can get some adequate and helpful news :) And if it's more positive, that would be awesome!!!!!!
Anyways - I talked with my mom's doctor - and liver embolization is a potential. He can't do RFA.

Has anyone had embolization? What is it like?

Also, has anyone heard of any new trials for systemic chemo (Doc said we could explore if this option is open) currently happening? My mom was on Avastin with a very severe complication so I'm thinking aflibercept is not a good option....


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Hi Gold44,
My husband had embolization on the right side of liver (which had many large tumors) in preperation of resecting his whole right lobe. It was a piece of cake as far as procedures go (for him), he didn't have any ill side effects from the procedure and his liver did quite a bit of regenerating which made the resection possible.

I am not familiar with any of the trials but I am sure someone will chime in and be of some help in that area.

GOD's blessings to you and your Mom.

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