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a little advice

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hey guys hope all is well with everyone, i am on my 3rd round of this new chemo, and even well after im still sooooo tired, is there anything out there to help with the fatique?? ive read about ginsing, your help is greatly appriciated!!!

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I did ozone water which left me energized. I had bought an ozonator from ebay (cost about 60 bucks) and made water with it. Also, I did aloe vera juice and few days took nap during the day. But overall I was working, so I didnt quite understand the fatigue. Are you eating healthy?

Posts: 132
Joined: Feb 2009

im eating pretty healthy, i do sometimes eat junk food, my appitite has been good just cant get that spunk in my step, thank you for the input, i will try it!! im working as well but im dragging!!

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to say hi sorry i dont have any answers for you but if you can do it taking a little nap during the day may help and im glad your treatments are going well...Godbless....johnnybegood

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are prescribing ADHD meds for cancer-related fatigue. Haven't tried it myself, but i would imagine it would give one a lift. Might be worth talking to your doctor about it. I also found it helpful to do a little bit of walking each day, if at all possible. Even a short walk helped give me more energy. Good luck, fatigue was one of the worst side effects for me.

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After my chemo I am very tired for about 5 days then it gets better and right when I am feeling normal its time for chemo. The best way I handle it is to know for that chemo week I sleep as needed and keep in mind it won't last forever.

Its funny, when people have colds they take full advantage of sleeping as much as possible to recoup but we cancer fighters think we have to always try to not act sick. Lord knows with the fight we are fighting we have every right to sleep if needed.

Sleep, my friend. Tomorrow is another day.

Big hug!


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The best advice for fatigue my doctor gave me was to exercise and to keep an active daily routine. It seemed to work since the fatigue was not that bad. I will say I did feel much better on the days that I did not work because half my work day is a desk job and I was not as active at work as I was on the weekends. Keep in mind everone is different!

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