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OT - Aunt with Lymphome need info

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My aunt was just diagnosed with lymphoma. She has lesions in her brain but no where else. She hasn't seen an oncologist yet. She seems to think there isn't much hope. Anyone have info?


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I wish I had some info for you and your Aunt. What I can do is offer my prayers to her, which I am.

Hugs, Jan

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Why don't you pose the question or read the lymphoma board here. There is a difference between non and hodgkins lymphoma and non hodgkins lymphoma. Put the words in google with Mayo clinic after each and you will learn something about the disease.

I have known people who have had it, some have good results others not so. I have a friend who has this, and it just came back. She is very private about her diagnose, so I don't ask questions.

Best to you and especially your aunt,


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