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Update on Gabe N Abby Mom (Linda)

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Just heard from Linda's friend:

"No real changes right now. They are giving her antibiotic eye drops to see if the swelling is an eye infection, and her meds have been changed to Atavan to help her get some sleep and lessen the pain. It is a constant head pain, but when the meds are due, she has tremendous pain on the left side of her head. Still not eating much and until she can manage the pain better and eat/drink without getting sick, she will stay on the iv drip and in the hospital. The doctor just says it is effects of radiation and a possible eye infection, the ear infections seems to be clearing up. Not sure if they are right or not, but I would feel better with an MRI to see what's going on in there.

Also, many, many, MANY Thank You's to everyone who has contacted me for Linda! Some of the emails were so full of love and caring that I read them with tears running down my face. When she's feeling better and more awake to fully hear what I've read to her, she will be overwhelmed (as I was) with how many people care for her! Please keep passing all the info on and I'll update more as any changes come up."

Fellow kindreds, let's keep the healing vibes and prayers directed Linda's way. My heart is so heavy that she is suffering with that pain.

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Jean 0609
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Sending positive thoughts & prayers to Linda and her family.


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All I can say is God Bless her...my heart aches for her and her family.....any more updates would be greatly appreciated.....I had brain rads before Linda....I am so grateful .....my only SE was unbelievable fatigue the week after they ended....

Hugs, Nancy

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sending all the positive energy possible to help with the healing and with releiving the pain she is feeling.


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and hoping she feels better soon.



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I lit a candle for her tonight in my front window. When my neighbor sees it she does also and says extra prayers for all cancer patients. The lady is 88 years old. With great warmth.


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Thank you for the update, I know a lot of us have been holding our breath. I hope you don't mind but I copied the update to put on FB as it doesn't appear to be there. Thank you again for the update...

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My prayers are going out to Linda, God Bless her and her kids.

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Her and her family will continue to be in my prayers..

Smalldoggroomer, hadn't seen you post in a while-hope you are doing well..

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Just a brief note from Lisa, Linda's friend, this am that must have been written late last night:

"I was there tonight and fed her a few bites of ice-cream (YAY!) and read her a couple emails before she fell asleep. Karl stayed home tonight with the kids, as he was feeling bad that he hasn't spent much time with them and he wanted to go over homework and just be there, so it was a fairly quiet night for her. Hopefully that helps her get better quicker!"

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Sending prayers and postive thoughts.. get well soon..


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I just wonder why. It makes me feel so sad for families. Its one thing when us empty nesters end up hospitalized, but when the kids are still in need of their parents, I just wonder why... it makes me feel so sad. My evenings at home with my 4 kids were so crazy every night! But how special those nights became to me after they started to leave home.

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I've been off the board for a few days -- hit or miss, lately. So sorry to hear our
our beloved Sister, Linda.

I will go back and check postings regarding Linda.

Vicki Sam

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Thanks for the update.


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Bella Luna
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Is there a way of contacting Lisa to let Linda know that her Pinks are thinking of her and praying for her well being. This is awful and it makes me terribly sad to hear she is in such pain. God give her relief from this pain so much so that she no longer needs drugs to numb it.

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