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Magic Mouthwash

Anonymous user (not verified)

Hello all--

I hope things are well in your corner today.. Things are on an upswing over here, I can feel it.. at least for this split second!

I have been having a problem.. for the last three days I have had thick mucous, painful tongue and difficulty swallowing. I'm guessing I have a mouth sore, or maybe bit my tongue in the night-- who knows.

Yesterday, I noticed my temp was about 99.7, so I decided to call the doctor just to see what they thought and they prescribed me "Magic Mouthwash."

All I know is it must surely be magic... it's not covered by my insurance, and it's $50 a bottle!

Needless to say, here I am still swishing my mouth with Biotene and baking soda water, while my magic stuff sits waiting at the pharmacy.

I see there are some recipes online for making your own magic mouthwash.. anyone here had success making their own? If so, what's your recipe?

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Hi Nathan,

This might help. I had a sore once early on but am pretty sure it was
what I ate. I avoided acidic foods during the week of and after treatment
and that did the trick for me. They prescribed something for me and I used
it once - hated it - my whole mouth and tongue were numb (now this is where
John-Cobra pipes in: "That's a bad thing?" ;)). Here's a link:

eHow article


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Why did you stop using the mouthwash? Seems like it was just what you needed.Seemed like it was doing the trick if only for a little while. LOL:) John

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LOL - you got me watchin' my back, John :). Hope you and yours are doing
great. I also know sign language, John though I haven't used it that much
in a few years.


Anonymous user (not verified)

Using Magic Mouthwash is the way to go. I can't believe how much suffering I have put myself through being a penny pincher.

I may be goofy looking and numb faced, but this is the best I have felt in days :) I could sell the stuff.

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Flah flah flibbit flubba boo boo ☺.

I'm glad you're feeling better and hope you don't mind my sense of humor.
Be careful when eating and drinking due to the numbness.
After cancer, you don't have much choice about pinching pennies - just
remember to be good to yourself once in a while - you're worth it :).

Hang in there Nathan and I hope the mouth sore issue goes away permanently.



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Hi Nathan

So happy that you are feeling less pain. Jim is right, be careful when eating.

Hooray for the Magic Mouthwash!


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When i needed i too was floored at the price bc my insurance didnt cover it either, but after days of pain and then the instant relief I would have paid double to have the stuff LOL.

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I used magic mouthwash until I changed Dr. He prescibed a pill that worked 100% better. I have no memory of what it was called except I think it started with fen------. Watch those spots carefully. I was told if they started down my throat I should call the Dr. You will be on the other side of this too soon. God bless you

Anonymous user (not verified)

My tongue is doing a whole bunch better now! The Magic Mouthwash sure did get me through some tough times! While my tongue still isn't back 100%, I can eat and talk just fine without completely deadening my entire mouth!

Of course, I have graduated on to other problems.. but I won't crowd the Magic Mouthwash thread with that mess :)

Thanks for the message! I will have to ask my doctor about that pill you speak of.. that mouthwash was very dear, so I don't want to pay that much again!

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