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I'll be out of pocket for a couple of weeks

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Just to let everyone know, I will be in upstate NY for the next 2 weeks. Unfortunately, no internet. My son, DIL, and new grandson, Linc, are arriving in upstate NY today. My DIL and grandson will meet my 88-year-old mom for the first time! They are staying a couple of days and then heading down to a wedding in Philly. I will stay on for the next week and then my sweet Kevin is flying out to NY, spending a couple of days with us and then flying home with me. As I still feel like I'm recuperating from the mastectomy, it will be nice to have helpers both back and forth flying.

My heart goes out to each and every one of you in pain or seeking peace right now. My prayers and positive energy are being sent every day.

Love and hugs, Renee

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but, it sounds like a wonderful time with family. And you will have the help to do the traveling too! How blessed you are, as well as being a blessing. Have fun and we will be waiting to hear about it.


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Have a wonderful time, Renee, I know you can't wait to get your hands on the baby!

Hugs, Nancy

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Have a wonderful time, Renee, I know you can't wait to get your hands on the baby!

Hugs, Nancy

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Hugs to you, Miss Rene. xoxoxo Lynn

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Where about in NYS?


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I hope you have a fabulous time. Enjoy the baby and your Mom. I am so happy you will have help on the trip.

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trip. 4 generations under 1 roof. And you get a chance to have baby Linc all
to yourself .. here, and there.

Enjoy this very special time, and trip.

We will definitely miss you and your wisdom.

Vicki Sam

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Have a good time and post pics when you get back!

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Enjoy your grandbaby!


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Have super fun!

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Jean 0609
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If I knew you were coming east, I would have kidnapped you and bought you down to Hershey!


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Call me! Love to meet for coffee, or whatever we can squeeze in.


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How wonderful that you all get to spend time with your mom. This will be such a highlight for her too. I feel the same way about going anywhere now, just knowing someone is with me makes all the difference! Enjoy the leaves changing, have fun and be safe!


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