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Small lung nodules

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I had a PET Scan in June, and everything went well.
They found a couple of nodules in my left lung, so the Dr. recommended a CT 3 months later.

Well, last week it was 3 months later.
I had the CT Scan, and now instead of 2 I have 12 small nodules.
The 2 old ones did not change in size.
The radiologist suggested that the nodules are old granulomatous disease.

Obviously, after I hanged up the phone with my onco, who assured me there is nothing to worry about it, it came to my mind to wonder why there are more nodules.
I have an appointment in 3 weeks, so I will ask.
Apparently, there is no treatment for it, but just let it be.
Check again in 3 months.

Has anyone ever had the same or similar experience?

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Yep, I have two in the lower lung that have been there for about 4 years. They don't react to chemo, radiation or anything..So far they haven't multiplied. Dr. just called them "body junk". Left over tissue...spare parts so to speak.If I have more, they don't show up on chest x-ray. Best, debrajo

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Hi, I also have nodules on my lungs. I'm so happy to hear they are just
junk. I was worried about these, but feel so much better now.

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Hi Fayard

Like you, I would certainly wonder why the nodules have increased from 2 to 12
Are you in treatment at the moment?

Maybe consider 2nd opinion?

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No, I am not under treatment. I finished 6 months of chemo in July 2012.
I have an appointment with my onco tomorrow.
I am definitely going to ask him why there are more nodules.

In the mean time, I visited a natural doctor and he said everything looks fine. He recommended me drinking some lung tea and taking 4000 to 6000 mg of bioflavonoids.


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