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Has anyone ever had experience with smaller ducts to the liver blocked with metastases?

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Hi all
I posted last night about my mom's liver enzymes flying up over the last 10 days. It seems that her Bilirubin and Alk Phosphatase are those of highest concern - they are very high (over 1300 for Alk Phos).
Recent news tonight from an ultrasound is that she has metastases that are small, but causing problems in the smaller ducts around her liver. Not in the common bile duct though.

Anyways, doctor will call tomorrow to give options, but I am picking at straws and trying to do all my research so I can have some ideas or talk through some options with him, if any.

PLEASE if you could write back with anything you've heard about hepatic arterial infusion (HAI) or any other intervention, I would greatly appreciate it.

A caring daughter is writing.

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Hi. I have no experience in this, but I do remember others posting about it in the past. I'm hoping some of those will give you some answers soon. I'll be praying things go well for your mom!


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Here are some good links for you with respect to the HAI pump:


I have an HAI pump and had it implanted in 2009 during a liver/colon resection. While I was eligible to have a liver resection without the use of an HAI pump, I had one implanted in order to help prevent liver recurrence.

My doctor is at Memorial Sloan Kettering and she is referenced in the first link. She is pre-eminent in the field of colon-rectal cancer with metastases to the liver. She is the queen of HAI and pioneered this particular treatment, I have met countless individuals while in her waiting room who have become operable through the use of the pump. Read the attached links and please PM me or post if you have further questions. There are a number of posters here who have the pump, as do a number at the colonclub.com message board.

If your mother's doctor tells her that it's an outdated technology, get another opinion. The first oncologist I met with told me I had 22-24 months to live and that the HAI would not offer me much. I feel that after 3 1/2 years of remission so far, that the HAI pump has given me quite a bit.


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Amy - how are you? My mom is Stage IV so there are mets in a bunch of places: spine, some glands, liver, lungs - I'm not sure if the HAI will be an option or not...will find out today.

Thanks so much for the information!


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Hi: a week ago, I had a liver resection: one liver met,1/2 in, was cut out, and the other 5 found were treated with the nano knife.

I attached a link to a video about it I found while researching it.


Hope it helps, Lisa

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