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i dont know what to think

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I recently went to a doctor an they ran a liver function Test a thyroid test an a arthritis panel an all 3 came back fine they also ran a cbc an my absolute nutrophil was 15,702. Absolute lymphosytes was 6,310.. an absolute monosites was 16,073... They are telling me that I have to go to a hemotologist an that I may have to have a bone marrow biopsy!!! I am scared I have been told that I could have breast cerical cancer or possibly leukemia I have been going through this for 7 yrs off an on when I can afford a doc.. I am trying to get as informed this time as possible I don't wanna go into this blind.. this time I may have a real chance of finding out what is wrong.. I feel like my muscles are trying to crush my bones I am always tired I get sick very easily I get bad head aches the list goes on.. please anyone.. has anyone had this happen to them?? Any info at this point would be very helpful..

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