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Ladies, I know a few of us have been waiting for tests. I'm celebrating NED! Wow, this is remarkable what the information does for you. I have had a difficult time believing I'd be NED. Truth! I said I have Faith, while I was imagining the worse. Honestly, I was caving into my imagination a bit. I felt pain, in the entire abdomen, pelvis, and left groin, more often than not. When I went for the CT, the tech said "you'll feel better now, you're constipated." I was surprised, because I take generic Miralax often. I don't like to take much medication. I did start to take more, and the contrast helped with this issue. I feel much better. Our bodies are fragile after what we've been through. I'm not consistant at my excercise or the best diet, however, I'm aware that I do feel much better when I eat like I should. I can't talk enough about how great I feel when I do excercise. I don't do extremes, but I make it count, I truly do more than my brain wants to, but my body wants to feel stronger sooner, so I do it! I do not want to waste this time, to build this body back to a Woman ready to fight back. I want to let the Caretakers reading this know, that we might not always graciously show you how humbled we are that you care for us, our homes, our responsibilities, our meals, our perscriptions, our transportation, our entertainment, I know you're invisible to all while working to keep us feeling as normal as can be. Thank-You, to all our Loved Ones, Friends, and the Volunteers. Thanx to the nice Medical Folks we come in contact with and there are alot of them.
Ladies, Thank-You! You know some of our weaknesess and you still encourage tirelessly, even when you aren't well at all. This is an Awesome time for me Ned for 16 mos.
Quick review of my dx: 11/17/10 UPSC stage IV 6 rounds chemo, no radiation, Oh,surgery, kinda big surgery, that seemed to do the trick. My ca-125 has been 5 since Aug 2011. Thanx God XO, Marie

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that's such wonderful news.

Mary Ann

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Great news, congratulations!


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Congratulations on the NED. That is good news. trish

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Fantastic!! The best news in town!

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This good news (I hope!) is contagious! Please, please, spread it around to all of us! Enjoy!!! debrajo

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So glad you have good news!!!

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