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Anyone have stopped chemo. Thinking about doing that. Quality of life don't have any of that. Too many side effects and no appetite.

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Have you looked into less harsh treatments at all? There are some who've made dietary changes and some who practice TCM. I certainly can understand not wanting to do chemo and chemo isn't the only game in town by any means. Maybe it's the m
Best of luck...

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You should have a heart-to-heart talk with your physicians, -and-
get other opinions regarding your case from other physicians that
are not of the same group or organization. They may have better
treatment options than the one that's causing you so much discomfort!

There have been many that have felt as you do, and did just that;
some are still reading and posting here, and many that have
moved on, rather than buck the disparaging words claiming
that they are doomed for refusing "conventional" medicine.

There are many ways to fight cancer; you don't have to kill
every cell between the bad and the good - you don't have to
drop a nuclear bomb on the front lawn to kill some crabgrass.

Please, if you find yourself serious about discontinuing western medicine's
chemical therapy, do yourself a big favor and read about the "alternatives".
Try to learn as much as you can about each; it's your life at stake!

Search for "2bhealed", and "scouty", and the success they've had
with "juicing". You can read my bio and blog, by clicking on my name.

Hopefully there will be others that have taken successful routes
other than western medicine's harsh treatments, that will pop in and
tell you about it.

You'll do OK, but try not to allow fear to guide you to your course
of treatment. Allow only your instincts and intuition; your gift of
survival instincts, to guide you.

Trust thyself !

Best hopes for you,


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Wanted to quit several times. Never thought I would make the end. Went through several dose reductions as well as bi-weekly shots to keep up WBC. Suffered extreme anxiety prior to each treatment, but completed the entire cycle.

I found mashed potatoes helped and always having something in my stomach. I counted the days literally until I knew I would have a decent appetite, and made sure to go out with friends for a hearty breakfast and good conversation. This is how I got through.

Now that I look back, I am very glad I did not quit. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to have the treatments.

I decided that I had to try everything in my power, conventional and non to kick this. With that said, I also strongly feel it is a very very personal decision not to be taken lightly. Explore all options and what is most important in your life.

Best wishes to you in making your decision.

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I have completed 5 Folfox treatments so far. 7 to go. When I think about quitting I always think what if? I am stage 4 and I feel if I stop treatment and have a recurrence, is it because I stopped. So stopping is not an option for me. I will continue and make it through and you can too.
Sandy :)

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Congrats on your 5 completed!! Sounds like we are in the same game ... stage 3c. Also a mom ... I think we are in the same life place. Makes the rules change some. Sounds like if all goes as planned you should be done by the New Year! I did need to cut back on the oxali several times ... but the fight went on. Finished in May and glad I did!! Now I can say I did my very best and it is behind me hopefully for good!

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I am sorry that you feel you are at a point to make this gut wrenching decision. Before you decide, please take advantage of the advise of those posting before me. In my own life I have to be careful of getting into ruts. That is how I see medical teams. The combination of litigation concerns and the dreaded "best practice" discussion tends to stifle creativity and the exploration of treatment options.

For me, I am a fan of the belief that it is often darkest before the dawn.

((HUGS)) and hopeful thoughts for new less difficult treatment option...Art

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