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Financial assistance for costs insurance does not pay?

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Hi Ladies,

I have a private insurance policy which I kept (thankfully) after my husband's death in 2010. In order to afford the policy I have a $7,500 deductible, after which it does pay 100%. (had I had a lower deductible, I would have paid a lot more monthly in premium, so it comes out to about the same).

Anyway, since I am widowed and unable to work (have applied for disability) I need help paying the deductible amount. Last year when I had surgery, the hospital wrote a large portion of that bill off for me given my circumstances. I have no income, and still unable to move out on my own.

Does anyone know of any place I can seek some assistance? My clinic contacted American Cancer Society. Because I have insurance, they say I am not eligible for assistance. The hospital from where my chemo is billed told me the same thing.

I do not need all this stress from these medical bills. I also have a master's degree to pay for. I do have my teaching license, but now can't work due to my health issues.

Any advice?



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Hi Carla
I dont have any answers for you. Surely someone will though. It is enough to battle this. I hate that you have to worry bout your finances too.
I have prayed for you today.

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If you are in the States, you can probably get help through the local Medicaid office.

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I don't qualify for medicaid. What little I have is too much to qualify.

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This organization was designed to help people like you pay your pills.



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