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just for fun

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who would be silly enough to try this ?


ps http://cancerx.wordpress.com/2008/10/26/off-label-metformin-for-cancer/

this is a great site if you have not already found it!

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Sounds reasonable....I've seen it before on the internet. Have you seen your oncologist yet, what plan did he suggest to you?? Do they want biopsy first....I'm not really understanding, when I saw my onc. and he saw spots he immedately wanted me back on chemo., checked my bloodwork to see if it was good, it was, and I had the prescription in hand.

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dear smokeyjoe,

my new onc offered me 5fu/avastin the other day, he said to think about it over the weekend.
its been 10 months of growing these cells.
I figured, i got a few more days to make up my mind.
I just wanted to pull this off without any chemo, i am starting ukrain today with the newest bundle of alternative therapies and off label uses.

the key point of antabuse is it ability to effectively elimenate platinum.

my main onc who has no interest in me now, was prefering folfox again. re folfox, well i ain't got the platinum out even from my 6 months worth last year. i want to perfect my ability to cleanup my body after chemo. also folfox immune suppression well that just sux, seeking to avoid that.

the new onc who ordered the pet, found the spots, suggested avastin/5fu. i am aware of the survival benefit avastin offers 5fu, so i am aware that further delay may reduce the survival length, but at the same time, the lastest new treatments might offer some hope.

the sauna and the qigong are being hammered, as well as all the alternatives. been doing artemisin shots everynight, from just 2 a week. I have added so many alternative therapies over the last 2 weeks i have asked my local gp to help supervise my bloods. i am well aware of the risks i am exposing my self to, but all these alternate therapies have a combined lower toxity profile then even 5fu/avastin.

i am seeing hipec surgeon tomorrow 8am.

i am waiting on answers from germany and india re hyperthermia now i have a target and i my heart prefer really low dose chemo targetted at the specific spot causing the problem.

so i have heaps going on and all the balls are in the air.

thanks for caring. if antabuse clears my platinum poisoning, i suspect it may help others, its not documented anywhere on the net much, but check it out.

I love all you guys and i am keen to find a none or least toxic way to beat this curse.

doing my markers this morning.


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