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A dumb question

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Several EC fighters have reported that following treatment, later tumors developed oftentimes leading to a staging level of Stage IV.

Are all tumors that form following EC treatment a form of esophageal cancer?

I read where it seems as soon as this happens, it's EC again, no matter where located, and it's off to chemo. And then, rarely, some have surgery. What is determining the approach here?

I should know this but somehow I never have gotten it straight.

Thanks. BMGky

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Usually, once you've had EC if you get a tumor again it's because of the original EC. Sometimes people have a few different cancers at the same time that are unrelated. That's just what I've read... not sure if it answers your question.

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what our doctor said was 98% of the time any new cells, tumors are the ec showing up again. not sure how others doctors do but on our team that plan the fight they do not always agree but come to the decision with what they agree is the best out come. Also yes it puts you in a stageIV . 1 doctor when they saw these nodes in the lung after being ec free for 1yr and 1/2 wanted to just start chemo right away because of the 98%. Our other doctor wants us to wait, the nodes are so small they can not get a biopsy to even test to see if it is the ec coming back, and these nodes have not grown at all since January. He wants to keep doing scans every 2 months and if the time comes any of these nodes get large enough then do the biospy. He knows we want quality of life so he can not see doing chemo for nodes that 2% chance could be something else. There is no other signs of any ec any where else just these 5 nodes in the lung.

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Breast cancer like any other cancer can spread. A person might end up with cancer in the brain but yet it is considered breast cancer since it metastatic from the breast. I suppose with EC if the cancer started there and shows up somewhere else its because it is metastatic. Once it has spread from it's primary cancer, it is stage 4 (I think).

I'm sure I bobbled all my words here.

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You've got it right as far as I understand cancers. Only a biopsy will completely identify the cancer, but often (apparently 98% often) a new site is a metastatic spread. And yes, a metastatic spread is considered Stage IV - unfortunately that I'm sure of.....

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Appreciate the information.

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