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Just a thought ;)

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There are SO MANY good responses on these threads, I wish there was a "like" button...THANK YOU all of you wonderful, caring people!

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D Lewis
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This place and these inspirational people keep me sane on this crazy path we are all on. Whatever the outcome, one way or the other, we've all won this battle because of the people we've touched, and the people who have touched us here.


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I agree. This site gets me through 'those' days and helps me when things just seem too strange to be real.

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You better watch out, you might just become another Abi-Normal... :)


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Abi-Normal ???????

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John is referencing the movie-Young Frankinstein- where Dr. Frankinstein sent Igor out to get him a Normal Brain, the scene shows Igor in a lab looking for brains and comes across a jar labeled- abnormal. After the Dr. fires up the monster, he asks Igor which brain he gave him for his creation. Igor replies, the one labeled A Bee Normal : )

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D Lewis
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Igor says "Abi - somebody..."

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Well, there are just so many darn good things to say about everybody.



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i would like to see a like button also, but if that is added i would like to see a dislike button also

i would also like to add, most always i do not post an opinion when others before me has made my thoughts known.... so by not posting most of the time i agree with all the others who have posted

this place is amazing, even for one like me many years post treatment


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Ditto-ing the Ditto...this has been my sanity check.

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Tonsil Dad
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God bless
Tonsil dad,


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the Dittos from the Dittos.

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Without this board I don't know how I would cope with my Dad's desease. I would be completely lost in some sort of blind street. In Slovenia there's not much info on this desease because it is so rare. ONC center is great but not much info. You can't even get much info from people who had some sort of Head and Neck cancer because they usually come from more problematic families: heavy drinking history, smoking, etc...

It is even unbelievable when I went to ONC hospital with my Dad I saw patients outside the building with their IV fluids beside them and cigarettes in their hands!!!

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