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Looking for fibrosarcoma survivors

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Hi, my 33 years old boyfriend is fighting fibrosarcoma since two years.
He had surgery last year on his pelvis and it is back again plus two spots on lungs.
Just wondering what to expect and whats your story.

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I have had fibromyxosarcoma 3x now in the alst 18 years. First it was colo-rectal in 1994 at the age of 33, then in 2004 it was in my colon, left inguinal lymph nodes, Iliac artery, left ureter and in 2008 it was diagnosed around my vena cava and aorta at the bifurcation.
So, the surgeries were tough, the chemo, one of the 3 types was tough but now they have a lot of advances. I am on a drug called Nexavar that is used for late stage liver cancer patients. It has worked well. 3 1/2 years and the tumor has not spread or grown.
It is important that you find a good hospital. I don't know where you are but U.S. News and World Rpeort lists top cancer centers.

hope this helps, if ther is anything else, please don't hesitate to drop a line.


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Hi ,just got back from the doctor ...They are saying that they can't do surgery so they are going to try a new drug called Pazopanib. They also told my boyfriend he might only have one year to live. I m really piss out ,I think they are giving up on him and they had just discourage him . We are in Canada but I'm willing to go anywhere and find doctors who actually care. Do u know anything about this drug ?

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