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Breast reconstruction

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I have had a bilateral mastectomy and am in the process of reconstruction.

One expander is filled more than the other but does not appear to show more expansion.

My reconstruction surgeon has said that it is pushing inward on my ribs due to the radiation from a 2004 lumpectomy and the skin on that side does not have the same elasticity.

When the implants are put in I will have two different sized breasts!

Why can't he compensate for this by either putting something beneath the implant to even things out or perhaps place a larger implant on that side to equalize appearance?? After all, these are being created and thus there must be some creative leeway, right?

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Welcome to the board sister , I dont have the answers or advise on this, However you came to the right place someone will chime in, and try to help you.
Hugs ....Karie

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thanks Karie
I appreciate any and all cheering on!

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I don't know about reconstruction either, as, I had a lumpectomy, but, I know that the sisters that have had reconstruction will help you in anyway they can.

Good luck,


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I had a mastectomy on the right side, and the ps put an implant in the left side also. I have 2 different kinds of implants. This was my third set in a 4 month period, one slipped out of the pocket and ended in my back, the second one was the same but they resewed the pocket and when as it healed the right side was noticeably smaller than the left. So the third time they used a different implant that is shaped for mastectomy's. It isn't perfect but it is much better than I ever expected. They look good with clothes on and that was my goal. Amazing what a good ps can do.

Best of luck to you,

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no advice since I have not had reconstruction...but just to say thinking of you..


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Welcoming you to this wonderful board and sending you support, hugs and lots of encouragement!

Hugs, Leeza

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Sounds like you need to have a heart to heart with your PS. Ask the same questions you asked here! I had expanders and one was filled less than the other. When I asked, he told me he had a plan for making everything look symmetrical and even, even though I could not see it yet with just the expanders. Sometimes they fill in with your own body fat.. there aare options.
Good Luck

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Dear gbarg,

I had bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders for about 17 months and finally got my implants put in this spring! My sister is a breast cancer previvor and has had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction (implants) because we are both brca1 positive.

I think your PS should be able to give you different sizes if it is required and I'm sure will make every effort to make your reconstructed breast look the same. I would definitely encourage you to talk with your PS about this issue. My sister and I have surveyed over a hundred women who have had mastectomy with reconstruction and have found that having slightly different sized reconstructed breasts is not uncommon. (I guess if you think about it most women have at least some differences in size even if they haven't been down this path.) We founded we had no bras to wear after reconstruction so we talked with many other women in our situation and discovered this issue and others, ultimately designing one to address them. So, please know that you are NOT alone in your concerns, but do talk with your PS to get the very best results for you. You have been through enough!

Best wishes for your recovery!

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