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Freaking out..mom's elevated liver enzymes

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Hi everyone
I've posted here before but not for quite some time.

My mom has stage 4 rectal. Was on folfox with avast in.
Worked well under created fistula.

On folfiri didn't work.

Had surgery colostomy and put on panitumimab plus something I forget.

Was in the hospital for 3 wks for pain control. Was out in methadone instead of fentanyl.

Her liver enzymes were normal 10 days ago and starting this past Friday they have completely shot up, ast and alt and bilirubin.

I am extremely concerned of the sudden increase.

She will have an ultrasound in the morning- does anyone have any ideas besides just things started growing ridiculously fast??

Thanks very much everyone.

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Pray the doc can figure this out real quick. This cancer is such a rollercoaster ride this is just one of those crazy bumps in the road. Keep us updated. Jeff

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When doing Folfox my Liver Enzyme Tests rose just like your Mom's. After confering with my Oncologist, it was time to lower the percent of chemo to 80%. Your Mom's Oncologist can decide the next step. At first I was worried OH NO there goes my chances of survival but a wonderful chemo nurse told me as long as one gets the 80% of Folfox's 12 Chemo one has received the therapuetic value. Prayers for you and your Mom.

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Hi everyone,
Thanks for your comments - so it ends up being that my mom's common bile duct is not blocked, but some of the smaller ducts are blocked with mets.

I've been doing some research on hepatic arterial infusion, when is this typically used?

Do folks have other ideas or experiences they can share??


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