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Thyroglobuin raised from 1.1 to 1.6

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My 57 year old mom was diagnosed with stage 3 papillary carcinoma thyroid cancer in January 2012. She had her total thyroidectomy and cancerous lymph nodes removed in February, followed by radioactive iodine treatment in March. Her WBS came back clean after treatment.

A couple of blood tests after treatments showed her Thyroglobulin decreasing, and it went down to 1.1 in July. At the end of August, she had a neck ultrasound which came back clean, but then her Thyroglobulin increased to 1.6. Mom’s endocrinologist wants to see her back in November for another bloodwork, and if thyroglobulin rises again mom will have a whole body scan.

Sadly, I understand her Thyroglobulin numbers may be an early sign if recurrence.

If anyone had similar experience or has any info you can share, please do so – any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you.

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