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Lets try again

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I am out of the hospital again two weeks in is more that I would like to spend. There were so many problems my blood work up now never looks great, my blood pressure kept dropping for no reason the lowest it got was 91/35 but we were able to get it up and stablelized and then my hear beat was doing something I really can't tell you what I don't know but it cuase the doctor to do extra EKG and give me two nitro pills, my kidneys were not doning well so I had to take medication to protect it for the dye they used and I kept having to get extra fluid through the IV. I think that is it lol so this past two weeks have seem like I wa cut off from the world. I do thank the people that came to visist because it make it to be a very nice day and visit. well I will let you all know how I am doing as much aas possible

love, hugs, and prayers

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You have endured so much just in the last two weeks. I'm so glad to hear that you're back home now and hope that you feel better, taking it one day at a time.

I appreciate you checking in with us. I think about you often and am sending prayers your way.


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I hope you continue to get better. You deserve a break. Thinking of you.


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2timothy1 7
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Anne so glad you are home again. There is no place like home once you've been in the hospital. Let us know how you are doing.
Hugs to you

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Glad to be done
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Good to hear you are home Anne. Keep us posted when you can

debbie steadham
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Anne i havent been on here but a short time but i do read every ones post and my thoughts and prayers are with you...Debbie

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This past two weeks have been really hard so all the prayers I can get I will talke. It is just hard knowing that I am dieing from this and unless they find a chemo that works to try and prolong my life I will go much sooner than they thought at first. Facing your own death is something I do not wish on anyone and this disease takes so much from you anyway the thought of it takeing your life also is at time to much for me to handle to thank you once again for your prayers. I pray also that you can beat this disease and not have to face some of the things I have been facing.

Love, Hugs, and Prayeers

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Anne, dear, you do have a rough row to hoe! But God doesn't give us the knowledge or insight to know the number of our days. Nor does He give it to dr.s and medicine! I had a great aunt who was diagnosed with cancer before I was born( sometime in the late 40's). She was at death's door more than once, but by God's grace she pulled through. Sometimes she would go several times a week for treatment(colbalt) sometime several times a month and a few times it would be several years before it came back. The point to this long post is that she lived to see me born(1951), my children born(1971 and on), and to see MY grandchildren born(starting in 1996)! And the kicker?!! She died of heart failure, not cancer! Praying for the same for you! Best, debrajo

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