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Turmeric While On Chemo

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I am new to Turmeric and I cannot believe I am after reading so many positive things on the web about it and colorectal cancer. My question is, can I take it while on chemo?


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We had the same question and forgot to ask the Dr on Friday...but I read that you can use it in small amounts for cooking while on chemo. So hard to know what the right thing to do is. Dietician said that antioxidants work against chemo. I have an email address for my husbands oncologist....which I'm sure shes regretting that she gave it to me at this point.....but I usually ask these non urgent questions by email and I will ask to see what she says since ive been using it a lot since his diagnosis.

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"Negative Side Effects
The use of turmeric may cause side effects in certain people.
Stomach irritation is the most common side effect and may result
in nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, bloating or gas. Prolonged
treatment with turmeric may inflame or damage the lining of your
stomach, leading to the development of a stomach ulcer. Seek care
from your physician if you develop chronic diarrhea, persistent
stomach pain or bloody stools to ensure you receive prompt and
appropriate care.

Hazardous Drug Interactions
Let your doctor know if you are taking any medications before you
begin treatment with turmeric supplements. Certain drugs should
not be used in conjunction with turmeric, as hazardous side
effects may arise. If you are receiving drug treatment for
diabetes, avoid taking turmeric. Concomitant use of these
treatments may cause a significant drop in your blood sugar -- a
side effect called hypoglycemia. Turmeric may also increase
stomach acid production and should not be used in conjunction
with medications indicated to reduce stomach acid. Avoid taking
this supplement if you are receiving treatment with blood
thinners as this treatment combination may elevate your risk of
experiencing bleeding complications.

Inform your doctor of any health problems you may have before
taking turmeric supplements. Do not use this supplement if you
are pregnant or nursing, as turmeric may induce premature labor.
If you have gallstones, a bile duct obstruction or other types of
gallbladder problems, avoid taking turmeric as this supplement
may exacerbate your symptoms. Additionally, MedlinePlus advises
you to avoid taking turmeric as least two weeks prior to any
surgical procedure as taking this supplement may increase your
risk of developing bleeding problems."

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/371829-the-health-benefits-hazards-of-turmeric/#ixzz26dXfbyZM

"Induces premature labor"....... I'd want to keep that in mind...
I'm too old to give birth...

The amount needed to see any results are a lot more than one
would use in a recipe, and the quality of medicinal products are
not the same as products used for "dietary supplements"

It's used in TCM, but it's used along with other herbs in a formulas
to address underlying problems, not as a stand alone to stifle symptoms
of an underlying problem.

Better health to you,


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I took it all through chemo with my doctors blessing. I have evan read about studies by i think MD Anderson indicating Tumeric might enhance the effectiveness of 5FU

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