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Hello again, have not been able to post

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Every time I try to post, I still get Invalid Password. I emailed for help, they sent me a temporary password to use, and that doesn't work, either. So I have to get a new password now to log in.

I am reading every day, though. Thanks all for the encouragement.

A question: I've been taking Premarin for over 20 years. They had me stop it cold-turkey 3 days ago. So far, no menopausal symptoms. Does anyone know how long it takes for that fun to begin? I can't find the half-life of Premarin anywhere.

I am dreading the prep for the surgery on Tuesday, but less. A friend who is very well off treated me to a session with an alternative medicine healer. He did a lot of hands-on healing,and I felt calmer. He said something interesting I though I'd share:

"You can approach life either with anxiety and resistance or become a student." I liked that.

I am glad to be here again. I hope the password issue gets straightened out. Strength to us all.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the great advice your healer gave you. I don't know much about Premarin but do know that if you get hot flashes there are other options for treating. A dose of 37.5 mg of Effexor (anti-depression medicine) which isn't a therapeutic dose for depression. Sounds like you are having surgery an pray that you find some peace as you prepare for your next challenge.

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