Anaplastic Astrocytoma diagnosed this past year

One Sunday morning, my dad had a seizure after a shower in our bathroom. He was unconscious (later found out it was a seizure) for an hour before he awoke and realized that his leg was stuck to our heater in the bathroom. My mom and him went to the doctor and he was diagnosed with what they thought was a low grade glioma on his right frontal lobe on January 16, 2012. After that, he got skin graft surgery to repair the third degree burn on his leg. The doctors had to wait to operate to remove his tumor until his leg was fully healed. The tumor was successfully removed on March 6th, 2012. The results of the tumor came back as a grade 3 astrocytoma. He completed rehabilitation and went to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. He did radiation and is on his last 6 months of Temodar. My dad Jerry is the best dad my brother and I could have. I've watched him being forced to stop doing the things he likes because he gets tired so easily. But his spirit has never been broken. He is also a loving husband and great family man. He'd do anything for anyone and is always there when you need him. Jerry is an amazing man with an optimistic outlook that can get him through anything. He is truly a superhero. Anyone that can relate to him or would like to offer words of faith-- you are all welcome! We always love hearing stories of hope. Thank You :)