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Moms heading to hospital

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My mom recieved her 3rd chemotherapy infusion on Wed Sept 5th. She showed very little sides. On Thursday and Friday after the infusion her and my dad went out to eat. On Tuesday the 11th after eating she suffered horrible stomach pains that stopped her in her tracks. My dad said she was in so much pain she could not move and after about an hour had a bowel movement. My dad said it was literally as hard as a brick. After that she began suffering from bad diahrea. After that episode When she would eat she would get nauseaus and throw the food back up. She has managed to hold pudding down and chicken soup. She is extremely weak and when I saw her appeared to be suffering from dehydration. My dad called her onc and he has her comming to the hospital to find out what's going on. Does this sound like chemo related sides or something else?

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What your mom is going through isn't that uncommon unfortunately. She may be dehydrated and going to hospital is the best. The side effects can be rough and a lot seem to do with pooping issues and throwing up. The chemo is hard on stomach and all that. Pray she feels better soon. Jeff

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Why isn't she seeing a colorectal surgeon,
instead of an oncologist?

Best of hopes,


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John, She has a colorectal surgeon on her team. At the moment they are trying to see how her primary tumor responds to chemotherapy and then remove it. It is apparently in a bad spot and they would prefer it to shrink prior to removal. I believe she sees him today. But the last time she was in the hospital her primary was not anywhere close to blocking her colon.

I got word from my dad last night that she had a pretty big clot pass from her left leg and part of it entered her lung. She is also suffering from another bladder infection. Right now they plan on taking care of the clot and trying to eliminate the persistent bladder infection from the cathider she has in.

This has been such a roller coaster. It seems like every month its the same. She goes through a period of great health and great progress then something always pops up and brings her back down.

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This is an aspect of this long journey that you do need to find a way to tolerate. Few of us get away with a smooth pathway of treatment and recovery and many of us have the sense of two steps forward and one (to three) steps back. It is a long journey and scattered with challenges that need managing at the time but the effect on careers is often quite corrosive and dispiriting so you need to find supports of your own that allow you to cope with all this.

Clots aren't uncommon. Cancer, chemo and inactivity are all predisposing to these and they can be serious so need treating.

I hope her symptoms resolve and everything gets back on track,


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